Client contract management for professional services firms

Intapp Terms

Quickly identify, manage, and enforce key client requirements for easier adherence

Intapp Terms makes it easier for your firm to adhere to client commitments through efficient digital storage, distribution, and management of client contracts and obligations.

With AI-assisted categorization and centralized storage, Intapp Terms makes it quick and convenient for your teams to search for, identify, and distribute key contractual information.

Quickly view a document’s key terms from the dashboard

Improve adherence to client commitments with Intapp Terms

Reduce review time

Accelerate reviews with automation and AI so your teams can focus on other work.

Stay up-to-date

Distribute summaries and receive timely alerts and status updates.

Drive compliance

Capture and adhere to client requirements, reducing your risk of client disputes.

Decrease document review time with AI-assisted categorization

Intapp’s AI-assisted terms management system is an excellent solution that speeds up the review process and helps manage ongoing compliance.

Brynn Stevenson
Risk Management Manager
Dickinson Wright

Intapp Terms

Timely reminders

Schedule and automate reminders about key terms and required next steps to stay ahead of requirements.

AI-assisted categorization

Save time identifying and highlighting the most important terms within documents.

Thorough document comparison

Ensure adherence more easily by comparing vendor contract terms against client agreements.

Clear contract expectations

Proactively enforce obligations by distributing contract summaries that communicate key terms to the right teams.

Configurable workflow

Enable efficient review, approval, and distribution with customized agreement workflows and notifications.

Advanced search

Type in words relevant to your work to find and access pertinent information without sifting through an entire document.

Frequently asked questions about Intapp Terms

Firms that fail to adhere to agreed-upon terms with clients can suffer reputational and financial loss. Firms need be able to quickly access, review, and comply with agreed-upon terms and conditions. Intapp Terms lets firms digitally store, review, identify, distribute, and access key phrases within contracts, helping keep the right people informed and up-to-date 

Firms can fully configure the type of documents that can be stored in Intapp Terms.  

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