Deal and relationship management for corporate development

Deal and relationship management for corporate development

Empower your corporate development team to make more strategic decisions

Advance strategy development and pursue growth opportunities by cultivating meaningful relationships, driving pipeline progression, and managing cross-functional operations throughout the investment lifecycle. Manage all your deals, relationships, and data from one central hub —  with Intapp DealCloud for corporate development.

Access and view your corporate development team’s institutional knowledge and relationship data on a central dashboard

Centralize deal and relationship management with Intapp DealCloud for corporate development

Accelerate deal and pipeline management by gaining a holistic view of pipeline, relationship, and market activity.

Build deal-winning relationships

Discover and nurture client connections with powerful relationship intelligence.

Evolve strategy development

Identify strategic areas of opportunity and drive investment ideation.

Fast-track growth opportunities

Institutionalize pipeline activity, drive historic insights, and inform better decision-making.

Intapp DealCloud transforms your organization far beyond operational improvements

DealCloud has allowed us to manage our significant pipeline in a more sophisticated way. Using DealCloud, we are more efficient and more focused. Not only does my corporate development team know everything happening on every single deal at the click of a button, but we also provide valuable visibility into our deal activity to our CEO and Board.

Jeremy Segal
EVP, Corporate Development

Expedite deal and pipeline management tasks with Intapp DealCloud for corporate development

Relationship management 

Centralize communication to effectively expand and nurture your network of deal sources and transaction targets. 

Sourcing and origination

Discover new opportunities with a unified platform for firm knowledge, relationship insights, and market intelligence. 

Pipeline management 

Track and accelerate deals as they move through every stage from origination to execution. 

Execution and process management

Manage risk evaluation workflows and due diligence checklists in a centralized hub. 

Firm knowledge

Centralize your reporting and a repository of proprietary and third-party intelligence to inform your decisions. 


Spark new value for corporate development professionals with centralized deal and relationship management

Relationship insights

Make stronger decisions based on meaningful relationship intelligence with automated scoring and reporting.

Simplified reporting and automation

Improve your pipeline management with automated data capture, diligence workflows, and reports.

Institutional knowledge visibility

Access your full knowledge base from an organized hub of data and reporting.

Centralized data storage

Access data stored in a centralized hub that integrates with the applications your team uses daily, such as Microsoft 365.

Third-party data integration

Enrich target company profiles with third-party data from leading market data providers.

Timely communications

Stay in touch with key contacts and keep them engaged and informed across the deal lifecycle.

Intapp DealCloud data integrations

Analyze your firm’s proprietary data alongside third-party intelligence from our growing list of data providers — right from the Intapp DealCloud interface.

Frequently asked questions about Intapp DealCloud deal and relationship management

In today’s competitive market, publicly and privately held companies are tasked with making acquisitions that propel corporate growth in new and exciting ways. No matter if the company’s acquisition targets are identified or unknown, the relationship management and business development processes need to be handled with care by corporate development professionals. Intapp DealCloud delivers a fully configurable, unified technology platform to act as the central hub for relationship intelligence. It’s customizable for firms of all sizes — from high-volume and publicly traded corporate acquirers to those looking for their first add-on.

Intapp DealCloud provides a single source of truth for corporate development teams, allowing them to easily access information on potential acquisition targets and industry executives, as well as a historical view of the relationships. Transaction targets can be thoughtfully categorized in DealCloud by partnership or transaction type, business unit, status, geography, and other classifications. When the corporation is ready to transact, DealCloud becomes the central hub for deal correspondences; interactions with lawyers, accountants, and consultants; documents; bid records; risk analyses and assessments; comparable deal analyses; and other relevant information.

Your firm can configure Intapp DealCloud to meet your corporate development team’s specific requirements and policies, including restricted lists and workflows. You can connect the software with your firm’s existing systems, including HR management and trading platforms. And you can create customized audits by filtering data as broadly or narrowly as needed, sending personalized reports to the appropriate people or teams.

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