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Law firms everywhere are facing increased competition to win more business and grow revenue. Many firms are also facing pricing pressure from clients and, consequently, trying to become more efficient. In both cases, the market is advancing in ways that will require firms to assess and more aggressively adopt new technologies to help win new business and deliver services more efficiently.

Win and grow clients

In today’s legal market, revenue growth is an increasingly difficult challenge. Well informed about prices, value, and competitive alternatives, clients are scrutinizing their legal spend. In the client-empowered era, pricing pressure is increasing and long-term relationships are being challenged.

Intapp helps firms respond to changing client demands and win more business—by outcompeting peers with competitive pricing, better leveraging firm experience and expertise, and identifying the best collaboration and cross-selling opportunities. And with only minimal direct input from the lawyers.

Outcomes: Win More Business

Products: Experience, Pricing

Manage risk across the matter lifecycle

Balancing risk and profitability of a legal practice has never been more challenging. New client expectations are forcing firms to evolve both operating and billing practices. Globalization of clients and law firms has dramatically increased the complexity of understanding and managing the risks of accepting new matters, clients, and lawyers. Intapp helps firms improve the speed and efficiency of bringing new business into the firm while making better decisions regarding the ethical, financial, and strategic aspects of matters across the entire lifecycle.

Outcomes: Manage Risk and Compliance, Deliver Services Efficiently, Maximize Realization

Products: Intake, Conflicts, Terms, Walls

Operate profitably

Today’s empowered clients are demanding more value, often looking to the operational capabilities of potential firms outside of the traditional practice of law. To remain competitive and grow profits, firms must improve their operational efficiency.

Intapp helps firms operate more efficiently and profitably across the matter lifecycle, through delivering services more efficiently, reducing leakage and maximizing realization, providing more effective client vetting at inception, and lowering operational overhead — all while empowering your workforce at the partner, associate, and business-services levels, and driving client success.

Outcomes: Deliver Services Efficiently, Maximize Realization, Drive Client Success

Products: Intake, Conflicts, Terms, Pricing, Time

Reduce leakage and maximize realization

Many law firms struggle with increasing write-offs, historically low realization rates, and slowed collections, which are negatively impacting working capital and profits per partner.

Intapp helps firms stop leakage and improve realization—through reducing budget overruns and write-downs, eliminating rejected bills and client adjustments, and accelerating billing & collections.

Outcomes: Maximize Realization

Products: Terms, Time, Pricing

Optimize your front office before migrating from Elite Enterprise

As law firms with Elite Enterprise consider migrating to new financial management systems, firm managers and partners are asking how a back-office investment will help realize growth plans, delivery efficiencies, differentiated client experiences, and strategic objectives.

We help you rethink your IT strategy; not only removing risk during your migration, but also accelerating your firm’s front-office strategy to grow your business, improve profits, and retain clients.

Outcomes: Deliver Services Efficiently, Maximize Realization , Manage Risk and Compliance

Products: Conflicts, Flow, Intake, Pricing, Time, Terms, Walls

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