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Intapp Time

Accurate, detailed time capture made easy

Give your partners and professionals a better way to record and submit complete accounts of the time they spend on each engagement. With Intapp Time, they can easily recreate their days, adhere to client requirements, and minimize missed and under-recorded effort. By increasing accuracy and transparency, your firm can offer a better experience for your clients and fee earners alike — while gaining new opportunities to improve revenue.

Empower your firm with a smarter approach to timekeeping

Work smarter, not harder with Intapp Time

Save professionals time

Minimize the need for data entry by your partners and fee earners.

Capture every minute

Generate more revenue, improve realization, and understand true costs.

Reduce billing disputes

Improve client satisfaction with detailed, client-ready time entries in billing.

Accelerating the billing cycle with Intapp Time

By capturing tasks as lawyers work on client matters, Intapp Time is enabling us to provide more efficient client service and timelier billing, with less fee earner time spent on administrative tasks.

Ross Forgione
Chief Information Officer
Johnson Winter & Slattery

Optimize the work-to-cash lifecycle for your fee earners, clients, and firm

Flexible timekeeping methods

Choose automated capture, timer, or direct entry, and access via desktop or mobile.

Operational compliance reporting

Review and resolve unreleased or missing time entries.

Shared time entries

Reduce duplicative time entries and pre-billing corrections with consistent team narratives.

Client terms enforcement

Prevent downstream issues by enforcing firm and client requirements using Intapp Terms.

AI-powered data capture

Save time and reduce errors by populating known information such as activity, duration, and matters.

Informed pre-billing processes

Extend visibility of unreleased time to the pre-billing process by integrating Intapp Billstream.

Frequently asked questions about Intapp Time

Intapp Time continuously captures user activity, then offers AI-powered suggestions on activity descriptions and categorization. Intapp Time also provides multiple methods for time capture, accommodating the different ways users prefer to track their time.

Intapp Time helps fee earners easily track both the service and communications components of their service delivery. Whether your professionals and partners are researching, docketing, drafting documents, or communicating via email, calls, or virtual meetings — Intapp Time helps track and capture it all.

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