• Intapp Conflicts

    The industry standard software for managing conflicts.

Intapp Conflicts leverages AI and predictive modeling to accelerate the conflicts resolution process by streamlining critical risk management activities, such as search, analysis, clearance, and reporting. It consolidates client information from various firm systems and third-party data providers into a single set of search results, enabling an interactive, collaborative conflicts-resolution approach.

Accelerate review

Reduce the time required to review conflicts search reports by half.

Reduce operational costs

Help conflicts professionals work more efficiently with cost-effective operations.

Maintain comprehensive diligence

Gain a deeper understanding of your clients and their requirements.

Improve quality

Reduce human error and improve accuracy of resolutions by simplifying search and analysis.

Intapp Conflicts with AI-assisted clearance

Reduce the volume of potential conflicts that require manual review by up to 60%

AI-assisted clearance, available only with Intapp Conflicts, allows your conflicts team to allocate their time more effectively by leveraging artificial intelligence to analyze firm data to group conflicts search results into groups that require no action versus those that pose potential conflicts or require manual review. The system uses machine learning to continuously learn with use, facilitating constant improvement and accuracy.

For more information, read our data sheet on AI-assisted clearance or watch the video below.

A smarter, faster, and more accurate approach to clearing conflicts

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Products and packages

Intapp Intake

Accelerate engagement opening, provide visibility, management and control of new-business intake processes.

Intapp Terms

Capture and ensure adherence to client requirements throughout the engagement, reducing rejected bills, write-offs, and revenue leakage.

Intapp Walls

Centrally control, monitor, and report on the entire confidentiality lifecycle. Walls offers an automated approach that limits access to sensitive matters across applications without impacting user productivity or convenience.


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