Real estate equity investment software and solutions

Real estate equity investment software and solutions

Gain more visibility into your pipeline and qualify more opportunities for your firm

Improve the pace of business strategy and relationship management by gaining a holistic view of your deal pipeline, properties, and relationships. With Intapp DealCloud your firm can source more qualified opportunities and speed up deal execution for your most profitable real estate investments.

Gain an interactive visualization of property intelligence

Simplify capital raising, deal sourcing, and due diligence workflows with Intapp DealCloud

Expand your sourcing network

Discover and nurture qualified connections with detailed relationship data from AI.

Visualize potential investments

With centralized data sources, keep properties and assets organized and connected.

Fast-track fundraising

Track both investments and capital-raising functions from a single view.

Improve decision-making and productivity

Intapp DealCloud has increased our efficiency and effectiveness as a company by improving our ability to make accurate, quick, and data-driven decisions.

Nick Kreuger
Associate Investment Manager
Kairos Investment Management Company

Centralize pipeline management and fundraising tasks with Intapp DealCloud for real estate investors

Relationship management 

Get AI-driven intelligence reporting, automated data capture, and centralized coverage to build stronger relationships. 

Marketing integration 

Improve firm outreach with integrated email tools to design, send, and analyze campaign results.

Business development  

Discover more opportunities by monitoring market intelligence alongside broker and third-party relationship data. 

Pipeline management 

Analyze potential investments and pipeline progress with visualizations of property intelligence and market trends. 

Deal execution and collaboration  

Manage due diligence checklists and task workflows from a central management hub.  

Fundraising and investor relations

Simplify your investor outreach efforts, pipeline progression, and fund management with in-depth data analysis.  

Firm knowledge

Improve collaborative communication and expedite decisionmaking.

Move and manage more opportunities through your investment firm’s pipeline

Real-time institutional knowledge sharing

Ensure that everyone can use the same workflows from the front office and diligence to capital-raising and asset management.

Zero-entry automation capabilities

Improve pipeline management with automated data capture and diligence reporting.

Simplified reporting and market analysis

Learn more about your pipeline with property intelligence and centralized mapping and location tools. 

Offering memorandum (OM) extraction and deal screening

Fast-track deal screening by freeing up resources and improving data capture with DealCloud document ingestion.

Informed relationship building

Make better-informed decisions with automated relationship scoring and intelligence reporting.

Extensive third-party data integrations

Combine proprietary firm knowledge with third-party data from industry-leading providers such as Cherre and Esri. 

Intapp DealCloud data integrations

Analyze your firm’s proprietary data alongside third-party intelligence from our growing list of data providers — right from the Intapp DealCloud interface.

Frequently asked questions about Intapp DealCloud deal and relationship management

Real estate investment and operations is unrelentingly competitive and requires a highly sophisticated and technology-driven strategy for deploying capital. It takes a complete, industry-specific deal management platform designed from the ground up to meet the unique needs of real estate investment teamsno matter their structure, size, or specialty. With Intapp DealCloud, deal teams gain the workflows and power they need in a fully configurable, unified technology platform centered around relationship intelligence. Get workflow management capabilities and team collaboration functionality built specifically for real estate investors — all in one system. 

Leading real estate professionals use Intapp DealCloud real estate investor deal management software for centralized deal information, business development activity tracking, pipeline and task management, property and portfolio analysis, deal and legal document management, due diligence collaboration, fundraising and investor relations, and travel planning.  

Offering precise control, Intapp DealCloud allows tailored configurations on a user-by-user basis. The platform provides an intuitive way for firms to share information while enforcing the right access levels. Because real estate firms all have unique operational styles, the platform offers flexibility to accommodate varying pipeline, property and relationship management, and reporting needs. Built by industry experts, DealCloud caters to the distinct requirements of individual users, teams, divisions, or companies within the real estate landscape. 

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