Meet our July Intapp Employee Hero, Daniel Sanderson

Our latest Intapp Hero is Daniel Sanderson, a senior solution engineer based in Manchester, who has gone above and beyond delivering Intapp Time migrations and implementations for some of our most complex and strategic projects. Sanderson has made a notable impact at Intapp thanks to his incredible ability to build client trust, deliver exceptional client experiences, and efficiently and effectively solve complicated technical issues to meet client needs.

“Daniel has worked with many of our strategic clients in the U.K., and has been consistently excellent at serving their needs,” said Chris Gaskin, Migration Program Director at Intapp. “He has deep technical expertise in our Intapp Time solution and is an effective communicator who builds strong client relationships. Daniel is a team contributor, collaborator, and Intapp rock star in all respects.”Clients and colleagues also cited Sanderson’s impressive problem-solving skills and his ability to quickly improve performance — which he recently demonstrated when he helped stabilize a tricky environment for a major

implementation. “Daniel is always prepared to bring solutions to a problem and demonstrates a laser focus on ensuring that the needs of both our clients and Intapp are met quickly and efficiently,” said Ian Williams, Director of Global Technical Services at Intapp. “He thinks on his feet and is always prepared to pivot to ensure a positive outcome is achieved — no matter what curveballs get thrown his way.”

One major client shared appreciation for Sanderson’s expertise, enthusiasm, and advice: “Performance work done by Daniel and the team is great. They’ve been very transparent, providing frequent updates and handling numerous questions from our team professionally, which ensures healthy collaboration. This is the kind of approach we definitely appreciate, and it made such a difference in keeping everyone engaged on our end.”Please join us in congratulating Daniel Sanderson on being our July Intapp Hero! We’re so happy to have him on the team.


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