Meet our November Intapp Employee Heroes, Maria Starkova and Oksana Panicheva

Maria Starkova and Oksana Panicheva – our November Intapp heroes – are part of our Solutions Engineer team. Intapp’s client, Allyson Drysdale, Senior Marketing Manager, Finnegan, nominated both Maria and Oksana for their client dedication and commitment to success.  

Allyson said, “Maria and Oksana are reliable, trustworthy, and have never given less than 110% on our Experience project. They have been online at all hours, been available to handle any issue, and have been an integral connector between Finnegan and our implementation teams on all Intapp projects.” 

Client validation is the true testament for our client satisfaction initiativeWe are so proud to have Maria and Oksana on our team! 

We want to hear your #IntappHero stories: Nominate an Intapp employee, client, partner — or a team of them — for exceeding your expectations.

Written by:

Natalie Papaj

Senior Manager, Global Communications and Public Relations

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