Intapp Operations & Finance: Drive Profitable Business

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, professional services firms faced multiple changes within their industries, ranging from a challenging economy to stagnant business growth. To remain competitive and profitable, many accounting and consulting firms turned to technology — and specifically AI — allowing their professionals to unlock collective knowledge, build a connected firm, and deliver value to their clients.

Intapp Operations & Finance offers the only end-to-end cloud solution that natively integrates pricing and time capabilities to enable consistent profitable delivery for firms. The software offers a range of capabilities across the engagement lifecycle, allowing firms to deliver the best possible outcomes for both their clients and their firms.

Jill Nelson, Senior Director of Intapp Operations & Finance at Intapp, spoke about this revolutionary technology during a recent webinar, “Unleashing the Power of Your Data to Drive More Profitable Business.” She listed four key pillars of profitability that Intapp Operations & Finance helps firms address:

  • Capturing all missed and unrecorded time
  • Pricing and resourcing engagements based on history and firm experience
  • Ensuring compliance during budgeting and time recording
  • Monitoring activity and plans in order to catch potential overruns early

“Firms are reporting upwards of 5% increase in their realized revenue by focusing on these four pillars,” Nelson said.

Peter Scott, Senior Solutions Consultant at Intapp, delved further into the software’s features and proven benefits during his demonstration of the product. He explained how users of Intapp Operations & Finance can achieve key improvements, including:

  • Winning higher-margin business using integrated dynamic modeling
  • Pricing engagements expertly with AI-derived historic insights
  • Meeting client expectations and ensure compliance with integrated client terms
  • Capturing every minute of work using automated passive time capture and active time reminders
  • Proactively managing work to budget by gaining visibility into activity down to the timecard level, including unsubmitted time and task percentage completion

Scott then demonstrated just how quickly and accurately firms can scope, price, budget, resource, and monitor engagements using Intapp Operations & Finance. With just a click of a button, users can centralize digital documents, capture every minute of work, and view and compare budgets and potential pricing and staffing scenarios.

Watch the on-demand webinar to see the full demo and learn more about Intapp Operations & Finance.

Written by:

Peter Scott

Senior Global Solutions Consultant

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Jill Nelson

Senior Director, Intapp Operations & Finance

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