The Key to Gaining Consulting Client’s Trust: Best Practices for Optimizing Onboarding with a Software Conflicts Check

One of the main keys for consultants to build trust with clients is to fully understand the client their business during the business acceptance phase. Consultants should stay one step ahead of any potential conflicts and perform comprehensive due diligence to further bolster confidence. The best way to do this quickly and successfully is using a software conflicts check during new business inception to gather, consolidate, and present information from a number of sources. Gaining this type of awareness early on helps your firm make better, more efficient decisions and exhibit the professionalism that yields stronger trust in the client-consultant relationship — and ensures your brand remains reputable.

Understand Your Clients for Better Results

Intapp Conflicts provides third-party integrations that consolidate client data and provide a centralized space for this information to be accessed and utilized — helping firms meet their client expectations. Clients demand that their consulting firms maintain a solid risk process; if you perform software conflicts checks poorly, you could lose business. Alternately, if your firm produces accurate and efficient risk scoring, you can gain the client’s trust and business.

Within the Intapp Conflicts management solution, third-party content integrations ingest client data from multiple sources — including internal data— and helps users view and circulate information. Serving as a  risk search engine, the software offers invaluable client firmographic content that helps firms make stronger data-informed decisions. This data can also be beneficial during the business development phase —you can launch a conflicts search from within your CRM — all the way through the client lifecycle, to help enable the effective delivery of services. This level of robust and readily accessible data opens up a view to the client world that previously didn’t exist.

Demonstrate Your Worth with Comprehensive Diligence

Comprehensive clearance and due diligence stems from the ability to synthesize data in ways that let your team make better, faster decisions. Intapp Conflicts lets you store and analyze information from multiple sources; As you perform searches within the conflicts database, results appear as a single data set or online report, which can be sorted by a variety of metrics highlighting the most important conflicts that need to be cleared.

Intapp Conflicts provides a strong engine that helps make comprehensive clearance and diligence more integrated, efficient, and accurate. This conflicts management solution can process a large volume of critical information that can be analyzed from multiple angles to more easily find which issues need to be cleared. A number of configurable filters and business rules quickly identify information that needs to be addressed, and the system provides data collection, data repository, and results filtering, as well as the necessary communications features to help risk teams escalate results in a controlled fashion.

Intapp Conflicts includes Conflicts AI, an assisted-clearance feature that learns from past conflicts checks, reads new inputs, and suggests specific results for further review based on prior efforts. Conflicts AI is highly configurable, letting you order results to highlight the types of conflicts most important to your firm, and helping you spend your time resolving the conflicts that matter most.

Satisfy Clients and Improve Trust

Using Intapp Conflicts during business acceptance can help make the critical conflicts process easier and faster — you can avoid spending large amounts of bandwidth pursuing opportunities that you won’t be able to accept. A strong conflicts process also helps you establish and maintain a strong brand to help continue to grow your firm business.

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Written by:

Ryan McCrosson

Director, Strategic Consulting

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