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An industry as complex as the capital markets demands purpose-built technology that’s easily configured to meet your firm’s unique needs. Our data-powered platform is specifically designed for financial services firms, and gives you the power to execute deals at the highest levels.

Close more deals, faster

With increased competition in the market, it’s more challenging than ever for firm leaders to grasp how markets shift on a daily basis. These trends have a serious impact on your firm’s ability to achieve long-term success.

Intapp helps keep firm leadership aligned with strategic goals in real time. With every firmwide communication and activity logged in a single location, it’s dramatically easier to maintain transparency and create institutional knowledge.

Outcomes: Win More Business, Maximize Realization

Products: DealCloud

Improve pipeline visibility

In today’s complex investment landscape, competitive firms must keep a close eye on the progress of each deal to avoid unexpected complications and deal failure. But tracking engagement at every step of the deal can be a laborious, error-prone process.

Intapp manages your pipeline while minimizing input by automatically gathering relevant emails, events, and attachments directly from your inbox. Your team gains real-time insight into all contacts and companies, and easily sees how to move each deal forward. Zero-entry technology automatically logs key information in your CRM to save time and energy, making more time for other business development activities.

Outcomes: Win More Business, Maximize Realization

Products: DealCloud

Streamline workflows

Firm efficiency suffers when you ask generic CRM applications to perform tasks they simply weren’t built to do. To manage resources efficiently, your firm needs software that’s purpose-built with an understanding of the public and private capital markets, and customized to your firm’s unique deal-making processes.

With Intapp, your firm’s software can mirror the specific process that your firm employs. By eliminating frustration and drudgery, you’ll also help keep employees engaged and invested in the long-term goals of the organization.

Outcomes: Win More Business, Maximize Realization

Products: DealCloud

Manage risk and compliance

Storing sensitive data about client interactions, preferences, and commitments in spreadsheets or other disparate systems is fraught with potential risks, including information loss, data manipulation, and unauthorized access. Each of these failures can lead to substantial financial liabilities and reputational damage for your firm.

Intapp places a premium on security to address the unique needs of capital markets firms like yours. By choosing Intapp, you can help your team remain compliant while also building a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Outcomes: Manage Risk and Compliance

Products: DealCloudConflictsIntake

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