RSM US automates the client lifecycle with Intapp

Craig Butler, Senior Director of Audit Technology at RSM US, shares how working with Intapp has enabled RSM to drive growth through automation which has increased their workflow efficiency allowing them to better serve their clients.


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Accounting, Consulting
Intapp Conflicts, Intapp Intake
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1,000-1,999 / North America


I’m Craig Butler at RSM US, Senior Director of Audit Technology.

As you know, at a professional services firm, the product we produce is our people. That’s our machinery. And what we can do to make their jobs easier is what we strive to do. The goal of my job at RSM, is to get technology and tools that help our people do a better job, much more efficiently.

Intapp allows us to make great, great strides in automating that client lifecycle, so our professionals are able to focus on accounting. They’re able to focus on auditing. They’re able to focus on the consulting services that we offer, and we can automate that entire client lifecycle using tools that Intapp provides to allow them to focus on what we’re paying them to focus on, which is serving our clients.

In our entire implementation process, our customer success process with Intapp is beyond reproach. They’re there with us every step of the way for new products, if we need information on products that we don’t have, if we try to get new things out of existing tools. We work with customer success and that’s what they do. Quick to respond, quick with ideas, quick with ideas that we haven’t thought of, and quick with helping us get the best out of the tools that we get from you guys.

So, you don’t just deliver it and say, “Here you go. Have at it.” We have a partner with you guys that’s says even after the sales process, “Okay, you got it in, let’s make it work for you.” So the fact that that two-way relationship exists between us and Intapp is different than other vendors I deal with, and it’s hugely valued within our firm. It’s taking that next step and working with Intapp, and working within RSM to take advantage of those synergies that we have to see what’s coming and to be ahead.