RSM US talks about the importance of using a purpose-built platform made just for accounting firms

Craig Butler, Senior Director of Audit Technology at RSM US, shares how Intapp’s strategic guidance and innovative expertise in the accounting market has enabled RSM to focus on improving the firm’s overall efficiency by using AI and machine learning, both of which are built in to the Intapp Professional Services Cloud.


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I’m Craig Butler at RSM US, Senior Director of Audit Technology.

It’s very beneficial that Intapp serves professional services firms, because we are different than a manufacturing firm. We’re different than big software providers. We have a niche, this is what we do, and how we do it. And the fact that that’s what they focus on, it clears the muck. It means we can listen to what they have to say, and not have to worry that 90% of it doesn’t apply to us. They don’t have to explain who we are and where we fit. Intapp knows who we are and where we fit.

They’re innovative for thinking ahead. They’d have all kinds of experience to build into things, and that’s what Intapp has brought to us as we’ve taken some of what they’ve learned with law firms, taken what you’ve learned by talking with other accounting firms, and we’ve been able to utilize that to I think improve our tool set, improve our efficiencies and improve what we do and bring better service to our client servers.

But you guys are bringing that expertise from outside the industry. You bring it from other firms that you’ve talked to and help us with things that maybe we haven’t thought of. They say, “Hey, this is a different way to solve that problem” which takes away the spreadsheet, which takes away the 10 phone calls, and 20 emails. and this way we automate it all by having your systems talk to each other. Have them talk to our systems. And that’s knowledge that they gain from talking to other firms and bringing it to us.

Our next area of innovation, and Intapp is helping us out with this, is artificial intelligence and machine learning. There’s a huge focus within our industry and within our firm. How can we get machines to do work that people are doing now that we take five people to do now, maybe we can get a machine to help us get it down to two or three people. We want to take advantage of that AI and that machine learning to help drive our efficiencies and to get more out of what we have without having to add head count.

They ask us questions, we hopefully share that knowledge, and Intapp’s able to build a tool and we’re quite confident they’re going to build that AI that’s really going to help us out a huge amount.