• Intapp Client Collaboration

    Efficient, secure external collaboration within Microsoft 365

Help your team share content, manage workflow, protect sensitive information, and meet regulatory requirements when collaborating with clients.

Collaborating remotely can expose your firm to critical security risks, such as accidentally sharing sensitive information with the wrong person or team, which can have huge financial and reputational implications. Intapp Client Collaboration elevates your existing Microsoft 365 technology to a purpose-built collaboration solution, allowing you to work on and manage documents safely and efficiently with clients within a shared external collaboration portal. Secure file sharing, built-in workflows, version tracking, and templated client collaboration work spaces help your teams better manage information-sharing and co-authoring so they can collaborate with confidence.

Reduce risk

Build templated external collaboration portals — with tailored structures, security, client branding, and secure approval mechanisms — to help manage document access and client collaboration inside Microsoft SharePoint and Teams.

Increase compliance

Securely manage all client sensitive information and confidently meet data privacy and security regulations, including GDPR.

Manage workflow

Receive notifications and track version history to easily review edits and locate the most current version of any document.

Maximize investment

Gain greater functionality from your existing Microsoft 365 technology and save time by reducing the learning curve for professionals.

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