Intapp Profitable Delivery Diagnostic

We’re excited to share a unique opportunity to better understand your firm’s current maturity toward operationalizing profitable delivery. The Profitable Delivery Diagnostic provides an assessment tool — custom-built for law firms — to help you understand your current matter lifecycle challenges and opportunities.

The self-assessment component will take approximately 10 minutes to complete.

On completion of the self-assessment, the Intapp Strategic Consulting team will deliver a free, customized profile of your firm’s current capabilities and strategic opportunities within two working days.

Connecting your matter lifecycle to augment margins

The Profitable Delivery Diagnostic takes an end-to-end view of the matter lifecycle — including pricing, time recording, execution, and invoicing — to provide clarity on your matter management investments. We’ll then give you a roadmap to help you better optimize those investments, informed by our experience helping leading firms operationalize profitable delivery and increasing margins.

By the end of this assessment, you will be able to:

  • Characterize the fundamental matter lifecycle management challenges facing your firm
  • Understand how to apply the relevant levers — people, processes, technology, and data — to address those challenges
  • Outline immediate remedies and a roadmap for change