Intapp Flow Features

Intapp Flow was built from the ground up to address modern firm environments and their requirements for business process and workflow automation. It’s not a “blank slate” toolkit for building ugly forms using a complex, arcane back end. Instead, Intapp Flow offers an intuitive web-based interface (both for defining processes and for end users). It also enables rapid success, with templates specifically designed for common business activities.

And Intapp Flow provides unique data and application management capabilities through Intapp Integrate, which allows firms to broadly automate data entry, downstream system configuration, and process execution across their environment (instead of forcing staff to carry out tasks manually).

The net result is an application-quality experience for users, managed within a standard environment that delivers unique capabilities and benefits:


Workflow (That Really Works)

picture flow workflowIntapp Flow is not a blank-slate, complex, old-world BPM application or an assembly of third-party software like SharePoint and raw Windows technologies. Instead, it offers key process creation and management abilities (form creation, assignment, notification and tracking), but through an intuitive, web based interface designed and optimized for speed and simplicity.


Application Construction Toolkit

picture flow mobileIntapp Flow provides the elements necessary to deliver a true application experience. On the back end, it includes a database (a key difference vs. legacy workflow tools, which are stateless process conductors). And, on the front end, it offers an unmatched user interface, providing an attractive, responsive, consumer-grade experience across desktop and mobile devices.


Data Management, Validation and Auditing

picture flow dataIntapp Flow leverages the industry standard for application and data integration to connect key firm software systems and unify information presented to lawyers, professionals and staff. And by employing a master data architecture and adding unique, intelligent data validation and auditing, it cleanses data and eliminates inaccurate and duplicative information firm-wide.


Visibility, Insight and Control

picture flow visibility

Intapp Flow offers configurable role- and user-specific dashboards that present key metrics, reporting and task assignment across multiple applications built on the system. It also leverages a relationship-centric search engine, which provides concise results and relevant information, intelligently.


Native Social and Collaborative Capabilities

picture flow collaboration

Intapp Flow provides integrated communication capabilities that make it easy for users to interact and collaborate — including capturing email responses. The history, activities, conversations, and decision points for each process iteration are automatically captured and available, streamlining immediate action and providing a clear record for future visibility.



The Intapp Advantage Less Work, More Flow

Leveraging a full-featured, modern approach to workflow enables firms to avoid the expense and delay of “re-inventing the wheels” of user interface, application architecture and data management. Instead, creators can focus on delivering unique value, and provide a standard, integrated experience for end users. Intapp also provides extensive support — both through a template library supporting direct process configuration by firms, and through a vibrant partner community that is actively developing innovative solutions to automate critical business processes and address emerging opportunities.

In short, Intapp delivers workflow the really works. That’s why over 250 organizations use business process management software from Intapp.