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    Ensure client satisfaction with compliant time and billing

OnePlace Operations & Finance delights partners by improving profitability, streamlining time and billing, and helping boost client satisfaction.

With our integrated cloud solution for time recording, prebilling, and compliance, you’ll be able to capture missed and under-recorded time, ensure client compliance during time recording and prebilling, manage efficient billing processes in a collaborative workflow-based UI, and accelerate the work-to-cash cycle with increased realizations and client satisfaction.

Streamline your professionals’ operations

Lawyers and professionals focus squarely on solving their clients’ problems, which can often result in underreported or forgotten time. These professionals typically spend hours every month preparing and submitting time, and the equivalent of 5 days each month focused on reviewing prebills in an isolated, non-collaborative, and often manual process that offers minimal visibility into budgets, client agreements, and history.

Lawyers and professionals struggle to reconstruct their work days, meet time-submission deadlines, and gain visibility into client requirements as they prepare accurate and compliant time entries. And, during prebill cycles, lawyers and teams often make financial decisions without any insight into the big picture, writing down or adjusting billable time to the detriment of profitability.

OnePlace Operations & Finance compliant time and billing software provides a modern, purpose-built, highly adoptable solution to streamline professionals’ compliant time and billing, minimizing the time they take to recreate their workday tasks, submit timekeeping info, collaborate on and review prebills — and helping them feel confident they’re adhering to client billing requirements.

Improve the experience for your clients

Clients expect firms to deliver work in accordance with agreed-upon guidelines — and question professionals’ attention to the business relationship when presented with non-compliant bills. Clients also seeking a level of transparency and predictability — one that professionals and firms are often not well-equipped to deliver.

Law firms face a barrage of constantly changing outside counsel guidelines (OCGs) increasing in complexity and volume. These guidelines serve as guardrails to preserve client satisfaction, yet service delivery teams are often unaware of the requirements as they work on multiple client matters, submit timekeeping data, and prepare billing statements.

OnePlace Operations & Finance compliant time and billing software gives lawyers and professionals an integrated solution to serve their client relationships, providing ongoing visibility into engagement activity and ensuring alignment with client agreements from the first billable hour to the final invoice. You’ll present bills within days of the agreed billing cycles, with information that clearly represents the work delivered — a win for everyone.

Transform engagement financial management at your firm

Delight your lawyers and help them maintain great client relationships

OnePlace Operations & Finance compliant time and billing software helps foster adoption, relieve the burden of manual or repetitive tasks, and supply seamless integration and insights to ensure professionals deliver what their clients expect.

Accelerate the work-to-collect cycle

By reducing write-downs, client queries, and e-billing rejections, OnePlace Operations & Finance helps dramatically shrink the interval from time worked to payment received. The software moves compliance validation upstream to the point of time entry and continues through to billing, with timekeeping that’s automatically integrated with client billing terms and bills that accurately reflect effort, delivery, and value.

Reduce revenue leakage

OnePlace Operations & Finance reduces leakage materially at multiple points along the lifecycle. The software offers passive time-capture features, predictive timekeeping prompts, full mobile capabilities, and client-terms integration to facilitate compliant, rapid, and accurate time entries as well as collaborative, workflow-based prebilling processes.

Capture the true value of every engagement

Understanding the time your professionals spend on engagements is critical for more than billing; it helps you set future pricing strategies, allocate resources more wisely, and plan for fixed-fee engagements. OnePlace Operations & Finance helps large firms quickly and accurately capture work effort and time spent on engagements. It’s easy and intuitive enough for your front-line professionals, yet powerful enough to provide actionable insights to your business managers and CFO.

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Products and packages

Intapp Billstream

Intapp Billstream offers a modern, cloud-based automated prebilling solution designed to help professional services firms integrate, automate, and accelerate prebill processes.

Intapp Time

Intapp Time captures activities and tracks work in real time against engagement budgets to prevent overruns and capture the true value of your engagements.

Intapp Terms

Save time and mitigate risk with a structured, AI-powered approach to terms management. Store, index, and analyze client guidelines while assuring enforcement of your firm’s obligations.

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