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OnePlace Operations & Finance supports professionals focused on practice management and finance by providing AI-enabled software that helps them work efficiently, consistently, and profitably while ensuring client success.

You’ll be able to scope, price, budget, resource, and monitor engagements with unparalleled accuracy and visibility, as well as ensure that timekeeping is supported by automation and data-derived intelligence while aligning with client billing requirements.

Intapp Pricing

Intapp Pricing lets firms maximize profitability with smart scoping, pricing, and visibility across their engagements. Using proprietary AI technology, you can leverage past data and outcomes to improve accuracy and profitability in all your pricing endeavors.

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Scope and price to meet client needs

Clients expect more fluidity in their professional engagements, forcing professional services firms to move outside flat-fee and hourly billing models. But arriving at pricing scenarios is often done manually or by estimation, leading to inaccuracies that can result in pricing missteps, scoping shortfalls, and frustrated clients.

OnePlace Operations & Finance helps you accurately derive and compare effort, pricing, and resourcing options to give your clients the value, transparency, and predictability they demand. Our software features AI-based technology that automatically analyzes all past engagements by shared characteristics, to derive data-validated intelligence that can be used to improve your pricing strategies.

Monitor budget to actuals

Once an engagement gets underway, the financial implications of its progress can be anyone’s guess. Many engagements are not strictly budgeted, leading to overspending that erodes profit margins. Often the first sign you have of budget overages is when a billing cycle is completed — and by then, it’s far too late to fix the problem.

With OnePlace Operations & Finance, you’ll enjoy visibility into how work is proceeding from both financial and project perspectives — including budget-to-actuals, tasks, and milestones. And event-based alerts offer actionable intelligence, letting you make course corrections to keep engagements on track and clients happy.

Improve engagement profitability

Inaccurate engagement pricing can result in budget overruns and inefficient resourcing. But it’s challenging to scope work accurately, price it to ensure a strong margin, then allocate the appropriate professionals to the engagement as it proceeds. And without oversight, you can run into overbilling that cause write-downs and impact realization.

OnePlace Operations & Finance provides intelligent, data-driven insights to price engagements more accurately, helping you maintain and expand profit margins. You can quickly scope engagements, then explore various pricing and resourcing options — and their impacts on the bottom line — using dynamic modeling capabilities.

Accelerate the work-to-collect cycle

Inefficient or delayed time-to-bill and time-to-collect cycles can have negative impacts on realization. However, prebill cycles often require multiple conversation and corrections, delaying bill submission and impacting collection.

OnePlace Operations & Finance moves compliance validation upstream to the point of time entry, with timekeeping that’s automatically integrated with client billing terms. By reducing write-downs, client queries, and e-billing rejections, you’ll be able to dramatically shrink the interval from time worked to payment received.

Reduce revenue leakage

Lawyers aren’t generally contemporaneous timekeepers. This often results in underreported or forgotten time, which is then not entered against a matter. As a result, firms are not fully compensated for their effort.

Intapp offers passive time-capture features, predictive timekeeping prompts, full mobile capabilities, and client terms integration to facilitate compliant, rapid, and accurate time entries that reduce leakage by up to an hour per month, per lawyer.

Capture the true value of engagements

Understanding the time your professionals spend on engagements is critical. This insight supports more than billing; it helps you set future pricing strategies, allocate resources more wisely, and plan for fixed-fee engagements.

OnePlace Operations & Finance helps large firms quickly and accurately capture work effort and time spent on engagements. It’s easy and intuitive enough for your front-line professionals, yet powerful enough to provide actionable insights to your business managers and CFO.

Power pricing in the age of AI


Pricing matters and engagements accurately and profitably poses a challenge to many firms. However, developing effective pricing strategies has become more important than ever, as clients demand more transparency and alternative fee arrangements become more popular.

Technology can help law firms develop both tactical and strategic approaches to pricing.

Download this ebook to learn how an AI-enabled approach to pricing can help your firm:

– Price matters more accurately and profitably
– Scope and resource matters to ensure better margins
– Monitor engagements as they proceed and track budget to actuals
– Improve client relationships with more transparency, accountability, and success

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Products and packages

Intapp Time

Intapp Time captures activities and tracks work in real time against engagement budgets to prevent overruns and capture the true value of your engagements.

Intapp Terms

Save time and mitigate risk with a structured, AI-powered approach to terms management. Store, index, and analyze client guidelines while assuring enforcement of your firm’s obligations.

Intapp Pricing

Scope, price, resource, budget, and monitor your engagements to ensure profitable execution while meeting your clients’ expectations.

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