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Drive operational efficiency across your organization

Modernizing professional services delivery means redefining and automating workflows by key legal and business processes.

Accelerate work

Speed up communications, approvals, and decisions. Rapidly deploy processes often in two weeks or less.

Simplify processes

Streamline workflows, eliminate the need for complex and custom coding, and empower IT teams, business services, and practices to rapidly build and automate key processes.

Reduce costs and human error

Use technology to automate back-office processes or pieces of disaggregated engagements to reduce effort and costs. Improve quality and reduce human error.

Enhance collaboration

Connect firm clients to professionals and business services, enabling client reviews, updates, and approvals through external-facing processes.

Accelerate your workflow delivery with partner solutions

Visit the Intapp Solutions Marketplace to browse partner-built, firm-ready solutions that accelerate automating front- and back-office processes.

Human resources

  • Lateral/staff hires (joiners)
  • Temporary (summer) hires
  • Lawyer/staff departures (leavers)
  • Candidate recruitment
  • HR requests


  • Inquiry
  • Payroll
  • Accounts payable
  • Expenses reimbursement
  • Lawyer referral tracking
  • PO requests


  • Transportation requests
  • Conference room
  • Visiting staff provisioning
  • Courier requests

Risk management

  • Audit letter requests
  • Request to trade stock


  • Onboarding/user account  provisioning
  • Account deprovisioning
  • Equipment requests

Documents & records

  • Workspace creation
  • File creation
  • File closure
  • File retrieval
  • Document production

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Intapp Integrate

Helps streamline IT architectures, implement master data management frameworks, and automate a variety of critical business functions.

Intapp Experience

Uses AI and workflows to provide a global, granular, and up-to-date database of firm experience and expertise.

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