Change management in action: Driving new ways of working in partner-led firms

Intapp Strategic Consulting | White paper

Faced with the inherent complexities of global operations, partnership-led structures, and increasing client expectations, law firm leaders are challenged to increase revenue, boost profitability, and sustain the firm’s competitive advantage.

To face these issues and stay ahead of the pack, firms must implement modernization strategies that focus on supporting collaboration, improving client services, and increasing firm growth. Although leading law firms are taking large strides on their modernization journeys, many are undervaluing the importance of change management in enhancing program effectiveness and cementing the adoption of new processes and systems across the organization.

In this era of unparalleled change, we are seeing increasing demand from our clients to support them in achieving modernization success through a robust change strategy, one which — when executed correctly — can be key to ensuring adoption of new ways of working and achievement of the resulting ROI to the firm’s partnership