How data integrations are accelerating decision making


Intapp is the industry cloud for professional and financial services. What that means is not only do we offer a software solution that helps the firms in this industry better operate and better deliver upon the work they do, but that we can connect to the other solutions and information that they need in order to do their work.

Intapp is working with a wide variety of third-party data providers because in the end, our clients want a combined solution. They want great software that helps them with their business process and decision-making ability, and they want the data that helps them make those decisions better. If they If we weren’t integrated, and we weren’t partnered with them, these would be siloed pieces of information. They would be managing the data outside the system, and they would be managing the business process within the Intapp solution.

What we’ve been able to do is by pulling the two of them together is allow business professionals to make better decisions at the at the point at which they’re trying to do that within the software solution.

So we provide them with people data so that as they’re prospecting new clients, they’ve got the information on their contacts and relationships and who knows who in the market. They’re looking at company data. They want to figure out what companies to target, or who has conflicts of interest, as they look at our risk and compliance solutions. Or they’re looking at relationship data — who knows whom within the marketplace.

And so the ability to access this kind of information in the context of our solutions really helps our clients accelerate their ability to get to great decisions in the marketplace.

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