Requests for DEI data increase across professional and financial firms


We are seeing more contractual terms with clients requesting confirmation and reporting on diversity, equity, and inclusion matters — and what that means is it’s the type of individuals that are going to be working on their client work. They want to know who’s on that. They want to know exactly what input those people have.

If we look at the terms that are being agreed to with clients, that is coming through more and more. The ability to be able to have those reports proactively to hand is very important. So if a client needs to have that validation done or that annual reporting to show that they have access to that diversity, equity, and inclusion reporting, that it’s there to hand — and that’s very meaningful because as we see those terms coming through from the clients and others, the reporting is vital.

And, there’s all sorts of ways of accessing that data by email and reports, but also through portals and the help to give that client that reassurance that the contractual terms that have been agreed are being met.

I think as there’s more publicized around DEI matters and the contribution and need for that, we’re seeing that across industries. So it’s not specific to one industry that DEI is requested — that actually there is that across multiple industries, and I think we will continue to see that develop.

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Marie-Claire Le Houerou

Client Experience Director for Risk and Compliance

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