Cloud Deployment Options

Intapp provides firms with a choice – offering both cloud and on-premises versions of Intapp Open (for business intake, conflicts, terms of business, and experience management), Intapp Flow and Intapp Time.

Whether you have a "cloud first" strategy, or are pursuing an "application by application" move to the cloud, Intapp can help you navigate a roadmap that makes the most sense for your firm.

Cloud Infrastructure Security

intapp cloudSecurity is top of mind when it comes to selecting, deploying and managing cloud applications. We understand that law firms, financial services and professional services firms have unique security and content management requirements.

With this in mind, Intapp has partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to host Intapp Cloud Services worldwide. The AWS infrastructure provides a datacenter and network architecture built to meet the requirements of the most security-sensitive organizations – with strong safeguards to help protect privacy and ensure availability. AWS also manages dozens of compliance programs designed to help customers meet a wide range of requirements.

The Intapp Secure Cloud

Intapp Secure Cloud

Intapp cloud applications are based on the Intapp Secure Cloud Model – a bottom-up design incorporating key elements of secure computing that exceed common regulatory requirements while preserving control over data access. This approach also includes recurring testing for threats and monitoring for irregularities.

Featuring a unique hybrid architecture, the Intapp Secure Cloud Model allows the application to integrate securely with data sources and third-party legacy systems on-premises behind the firm’s firewall, for a smooth transition to the cloud. Intapp’s cloud applications run in a scalable multi-tenanted space with complete isolation from other tenants.

The Intapp Secure Cloud Model also enables your firm to dictate where your data is stored and processed, simplifying the question of data jurisdiction.

Additional Benefitsintapp aws

In addition to the security advantages, using Intapp cloud applications enables customers to speed their time to implementation and significantly reduce operating costs. By minimizing the number of on-premises servers they need to procure and maintain, IT organizations become more agile, flexible and efficient, and can focus on adding value beyond simply "keeping the lights on."

Reliability and performance are a key advantage of using cloud applications such as Intapp Open, Intapp Flow and Intapp Time. Building on AWS’s highly scalable, highly available infrastructure, Intapp provides a cloud environment that can automatically failover to a set of standby systems or, in the extremely unlikely case of a major regional disruption, can be restored with all your data with minimal downtime.

Intapp cloud customers also have the advantage of being able to implement software updates and patches seamlessly as soon as they become available – making costly, painful upgrades that take months or years a thing of the past.

Your Roadmap to the Cloud

Wherever you are in your journey, Intapp is here to help. We’re happy to put you in touch with Intapp experts – both in-house and in our partner network – to discuss your organization’s cloud strategy and requirements.