Intapp logo

The Intapp logo is the graphic representation of our company and brand. Proper and consistent use of the Intapp logo is critical in all of its applications, from advertising and events to website branding and product promotion.

Intapp logo files for download

Right-click these graphics to download the Intapp logo for use in media or partner materials.

Intapp logo primary use: White type, Intapp Blue symbol, Intapp Slate background

Intapp logo secondary use: Intapp Slate type, Intapp Blue symbol, white or light grey background

Intapp logo tertiary use: White type, white symbol, Intapp Blue or Intapp Slate background ONLY; do not use on non-Intapp colors

Intapp logo colors

Intapp Blue
r0 g158 b255
Pantone 279
Cc69 m31 y0 k0

Intapp Slate
r50 g70 b85
Pantone 7545
Cc41 m18 y0 k67

Intapp Logo Use

Intapp logo placement

Maintaining proper surrounding clear space ensures that the Intapp logo isn’t crowded by other distracting graphic elements or typography. The minimum acceptable clear space is shown here as represented by “x,” which equals the x-height of the letters in the wordmark. Keep all other text and graphic elements outside of this area.

Intapp logo positioning
The preferred Intapp logo location for digital applications is the upper-left corner of a page or screen. However, if this does not work for your communication, please place the Intapp logo in one of the other corners where it can have as much clear space as possible. In digital applications, it must be seen on first scroll or above the fold. In print, bottom right is the preferred location for the Intapp logo. Positioning should always remain consistent within a given application.

Intapp logo minimum size
Although the Intapp logo can be reproduced in a variety of sizes, do not reduce the logo smaller than 25mm or 70px. Doing so will compromise the Intapp logo’s legibility and reproduction quality.

More information on using the Intapp logo
For addition graphics or guidance on Intapp logo use, please reach out to