Open Features (Intake)

Intapp Open is a web-based software application specifically designed to streamline management of the entire new business acceptance lifecycle (including intake, conflicts and matter/engagement business evaluation). It replaces cumbersome, "build it yourself" workflow and BPM platforms, with an intake-specific system specifically designed to make business inception easy for administrators to configure, easy for lawyers, professionals and staff to execute, and easy for risk and management stakeholders to track and oversee.

Delivering fresh innovation to the way organizations evaluate clients and take on new matters/engagements, Intapp Open provides unique capabilities and resources that leverage the extensive experience of all of Intapp's practice groups:

  • Risk Practice Insight – Significant understanding of the operational issues and priorities facing risk teams, industry trends driving the need for more agile intake, and specific features, templates and guidelines critical to modernizing new business inception.

  • Revenue Practice Insight – Extensive experience providing a consumer-grade user experience specifically geared to timekeepers and deep understanding of how to leverage information and insight across people, process and systems to drive financial performance and profitability.

  • Integration Practice Insight – Unmatched application integration and data management expertise, broad experience interfacing with all leading firm software systems, and information management the streamline user workflow and architecture practices that address common IT challenges


Intapp Open – Innovation that Spans the Entire Intake Lifecycle

Intapp Open provides an intuitive interface designed for non-technical risk stakeholders or IT staff to quickly and easily create, control, manage and report on new business intake and conflicts management processes:

  • open design
    Define inception processes and create forms using an easy-to-use, web-based, graphical interface.

    Leverage included templates, which can be easily configured to meet specific firm needs, and draw on an extensive library of intake questions built leveraging the practices, standards and insights developed by industry peers and risk management experts.
  • open execute
    Provide lawyers, professionals and staff with an intake experience they’ll finally love (rather than love to bypass).

    A consumer grade experience puts the right, actionable information in front of the right people, at the right time. Intapp Open offers users role-specific views, unified dashboards, consolidated to-do lists, mobile access, integrated collaboration tools and more.
  • open manage

    Track process execution to ensure that policies and procedures are being properly performed, leveraging a sophisticated business rules engine combined with intelligent notifications, alerts and audit trails.

    Preserve a record of completed activity for analysis, insight and compliance tracking.

  • open change

    Easily modify defined processes, leveraging change management functionality including integrated configuration management (develop-test-production architecture).

    Because the business landscape changes rapidly – intake needs to be able to do the same.

The Intapp Open Advantage

Intapp Open enables the creation of a business acceptance workflow experience that feel like consumer-grade applications. It doesn’t require firms to wrestle with development tools like Visual Studio and Windows Workflow, or write a single line of custom code. It doesn’t complicate process design and management by requiring the use of Visio, SharePoint or other third-party tools or plug-ins. And it doesn’t rely on a vendor services model that backs promises of “templates” and “ease of use” with a consulting team eager to design, build and bill for custom development and change orders (both during initial implementation and throughout the life of the project).

Firms that choose Intapp Open for business acceptance find themselves best positioned to quickly evaluate new clients, respond to client RFPs, clear conflicts and win new business. The software also streamlines review and acceptance of new matters/engagements for existing clients, a significant portion of any firm's business inception activity. Intapp also offers a general workflow product, Flow, which integrates with Intapp Open and supports the creation and management of additional business workflows and processes, all leveraging on a standardized, modern platform.