• Fox Rothschild

    "We adopted Intapp Walls as part of our continuing efforts to assess and enhance our risk management, compliance and client service practices. We chose Intapp because they provide more than technology, they have established themselves as a leader in law firm confidentiality management, and we benefit from the ongoing education programs they offer on existing and emerging compliance issues facing the industry."
    – General Counsel

  • Taylor Wessing

    "Intapp Walls provides a straightforward way for our risk team to centrally manage confidentiality. Its web interface lets us create, communicate and track acceptance of firm policies across the organisation. Its integrated reporting tools let us instantly generate compliance reports and insider lists whenever the need arises. Additionally, Intapp Walls has enabled our risk group to extend its effectiveness and internal profile within the firm."
    – Head of Professional Standards and Compliance

  • Perkins Coie

    "I think the thing that’s compelling for us is that there is a sense of leadership in the market space that Intapp provides… Intapp spends time briefing clients and potential clients about the state of the nation on issues around security and risk management and that brings a level of credibility to them as a source of knowledge on this issue… We have a really good sense of what’s going on in this space because of our relationship with Intapp and the kind of work that they are doing in that space."
    –Chief Information Officer

  • Procopio

    "We've had tremendous results with both the Intapp Time product, and with Intapp Walls, which is tremendous, particularly for ethical screens within the healthcare practice because of HIPAA."
    Chief Operating Officer

  • Lewis Roca Rothgerber

    "From the time that we purchased the product until we implemented it, it was twenty days. We got excellent support from the Intapp team… We layered roughly 2,500 walls across 25,000 matter workspaces in approximately two hours thanks to some pretty clever work by their professional services team… it’s not just ethical walls – we use it for ethical walls, we use it for confidential walls, we use it for partner only or associate only workspace."
    – Information Systems Director

  • Addleshaw Goddard

    "We chose Intapp Walls after performing a thorough evaluation designed to identify a product with a proven track record that could be implemented quickly and would meet our functional requirements, including a user interface suitable for non-technical users and the ability to integrate with our practice management, document management and time recording systems. To further extend our firm's risk management capabilities, we are also implementing Intapp Activity Tracker, compliance software that will provide us with additional functionality to help us monitor and audit system usage."
    – IT Programme Manager

  • Linklaters

    "Protecting client confidentiality is a top priority at Linklaters. As a global firm, we are subject to a number of regulatory regimes that impose varying requirements for protecting sensitive client information. Intapp Walls enables our firm to centralise and automate information security management, increasing productivity and supporting our commitment to deliver exceptional client service."
    Head of Conflicts Management

  • Benesch

    "We made the choice to work with Intapp in late 2011, after evaluating available confidentiality management products and confirming that what we had heard about Intapp Walls was true – it's the most-adopted, most capable and easiest to use information security software for law firms like ours. Based on the extremely positive experience we had working with Intapp to implement Intapp Walls on time and on budget, we were eager to upgrade to version 5.0 to take advantage of the latest product enhancements."
    – Strategic Analyst

  • Sutherland Asbill & Brennan

    "Intapp Walls has been integrated with many of our existing software applications and business processes and enables our firm to manage confidentiality and compliance in our document management system. Intapp Walls demonstration their focus on solving this challenge facing today's law firms."
    – Chief Information Officer

  • McCullough Robertson

    “Because risk management is core to our firm’s culture, we made a significant investment in technology that would enhance our existing client data privacy and confidentiality management practices, without disrupting lawyer productivity or client service. With clients increasingly mandating matter-team-only internal access policies, the automated enforcement, auditing and alerting capabilities provided by Intapp’s risk management software provide vital compliance capabilities.”
    – Director of Governance and Knowledge

  • Hinckley Allen Snyder

    "Like most law firms, we are experiencing an unprecedented number of information security audits from our clients. Traditionally, clients accepted firm assurances about information governance practices, but today more and more clients require explicit proof that firms have technical controls in place to properly restrict internal access to their sensitive business information. Intapp Walls gives our firm a competitive edge when responding to client RFPs and enables us to confidently face client audits. The product also enables us to address the compliance requirements mandated by the new HIPAA Omnibus Rule."
    – IT Director

  • Haynes and Boone

    "We deployed Intapp Walls for confidentiality management to enhance our risk mitigation measures and address evolving client requirements. We considered our options and selected Intapp because they're the clear market leader. The firm needed a product to integrate with, rather than replace, our existing processes and software, including our Autonomy iManage and Elite conflicts systems."
    – Director of Conflicts and Records

  • Dykema

    "I like the peace of mind. I now know that what we put into place people are paying attention to. And if they don’t, then I will know about it… I’m also a firm believer in doing anything that makes your insurer happy and anything where you can demonstrate that you were making the steps, that you can easily audit, that you can prove anything that needs to be proven regarding who has access to what. This is a great product for that and I think it gives your insurer some peace of mind too."
    – Director of Risk Management

  • LeClairRyan

    "We made a strategic decision to purchase Intapp Walls to prepare our firm to respond to client concerns about ethical screens and confidentiality. In addition to enhancing client service, Intapp Walls frequently contributes to our ability to take on important lateral hires when effective screens are necessary."
    Director of Conflicts Resolution and Client Intake

  • Sterne Kessler

    "As the press is currently filled with news about law firms and corporations being targeted and hacked, the number one IT risk concern that keeps us up at night is our responsibility to protect our clients’ highly sensitive and confidential data. Intapp Walls enables us to confidently take on the high-profile technology, science, and engineering companies and organizations that shape our identity as a firm. We frequently advise our clients on their information security approach, always citing Intapp Walls as one of the best solutions around for implementing a content-based information security strategy. For us, Intapp is much more than a vendor; it is a strategic partner that drives business development for our firm."
    Chief Operating Officer

  • Waller Lansden

    "Our firm has always paid close attention to the HIPAA/HITECH rules, as we advise multiple healthcare clients and peer law firms on their compliance and professional responsibility obligations. With the September HIPAA enforcement deadline rapidly approaching, we wanted to take additional steps to enhance our existing compliance measures. Intapp Walls and Activity Tracker enable us to effectively respond to the HIPAA Security and Privacy Rules by locking down and monitoring internal use of electronic protected health information."
    Strategic Director of Information Services

  • McKenna Long & Aldridge

    "From our perspective, it's clear why so many firms have chosen Intapp Walls – the product was easy to weave into our existing intake, screening and compliance reporting processes and has significantly enhanced our internal confidentiality practices. We were particularly pleased with the skill and speed with which the Intapp services team implemented the product. Because of their past experience at other firms, Intapp was able to migrate the existing security rules from our legacy security tool and import them into Intapp Walls without a hitch or hiccup."
    – IT Financial Systems Manager

  • Berwin Leighton Paisner

    "We selected Intapp Walls after a comprehensive review of several options. Key decision criteria for our firm included the quality of the product, its ability to meet the business and functional needs of our risk and compliance stakeholders, and the expertise of the vendor, including their ability to meet our implementation requirements. Intapp distinguished itself on all fronts with a superb product, successfully adopted by many peer firms and backed by a skilled service, support and project management team that's been a pleasure to work with."
    – IT Director

  • Fried Frank

    "We partnered with Intapp and implemented Intapp Walls in order to address our firm's ethical screening and confidentiality management requirements because it's the clear industry standard, adopted by more law firms than any other product in this category. Intapp Walls provides our firm with a single interface to manage confidentiality across the firm and smoothly integrates with our existing business processes and software applications, including iManage and Open Text LegalKEY."
    – Director of Information Systems

  • Kirkland & Ellis

    "We evaluated available options and chose Intapp Walls because it was the only confidentiality management product with a proven track record of client success, delivered by the only vendor that could demonstrate technology and services experience implementing confidentiality software in large law firm environments."
    – Senior Director of Loss Prevention

  • Hinshaw & Culbertson

    "As our firm advises multiple peer law firms on issues relating to professional responsibility and risk management, we considered it imperative to focus our own HIPAA compliance efforts to maintain the excellent standard of care we deliver to our clients. Intapp Walls and Intapp Activity Tracker play a central role in our HIPAA compliance strategy, as technical controls that enable us to secure and track matters containing PHI without disrupting lawyer productivity or collaboration."
    – Assistant General Counsel

  • Allen & Overy

    "We made a strategic decision to adopt technology controls to help us manage information barrier and wider client confidentiality issues and in particular to enhance our ability to monitor and audit compliance. We selected Intapp Walls because it's a mature product that has been widely adopted by law firms, and because Intapp possesses the necessary expertise and could demonstrate success working with large, global firms to address information barrier and client confidentiality requirements."
    – Partner and Head of Risk and Compliance

  • Reed Smith

    "We're moving to Autonomy iManage RecordsManager from another platform and are pleased to see that this raised no conflicts for Intapp, a company delivering products designed to integrate and interface with a broad range of standard legal applications, rather than trying to replace them. Intapp has a long history of providing excellent client service, bringing together a skilled team of technology and risk experts to address our demanding technology and support requirements."
    – Chief Information Officer

  • Leonard, Street and Deinard

    "We selected Intapp because they're the clear leader in confidentiality management and compliance for law firms, serving a large number of our industry peers. Intapp Walls has proven itself to be an integral part of our risk management strategy, smoothly integrating with our document management infrastructure and existing business processes."
    – Chief Information Officer

  • Holland & Hart

    “We selected Intapp Walls to help us enhance firm confidentiality practices and operational efficiency. Our firm takes its duty to protect client information rules seriously. Intapp Wall’s automated security enforcement and extensive audit trail management will enable us to better comply with professional rules and demonstrate effectiveness of ethical screens without creating additional administrative burdens for our lawyers or staff."
    – Partner

  • Clifford Chance

    "We chose Intapp Walls because of its broad adoption, its advanced architecture, and Intapp's vision for integrated information risk management, both on the ground and in the cloud. The granularity of control and embedded business process enable us to enforce strict compliance policies whilst meeting exacting client demands and supporting our ISO 27001 certification. We also appreciate the close collaboration between Intapp and Microsoft to align their product visions to best support our specific information risk management and compliance requirements."
    – Director of Enterprise Architecture

  • Norton Rose Group

    "As an international legal practice pursuing a growth strategy, we face rigorous confidentiality requirements driven by factors including client mandates, professional rules, data privacy laws and our internal information security regime. We invested in Intapp Walls for confidentiality management because of the product's proven track record, technological capability and significant momentum and adoption in the marketplace. We've been particularly pleased with the quality of service and support Intapp provide, as they continue to enhance Intapp Wall in response to evolving industry needs."
    – Director of Practice Management

  • Lathrop & Gage

    "We made the choice to adopt Intapp Walls as part of an effort to enhance firm information governance to better serve our clients and have been extremely satisfied with the quality of technology, service and support we've received from Intapp over the years."
    – Chief Information Officer

  • Lane Powell

    "The recent surge in client audits, along with the 2013 HIPAA data privacy and security mandates, is forcing all law firms to take information security more seriously. Our firm is working closely with clients to ensure that internal policies and practices meet their specific requirements. We decided to adopt Intapp Walls as a core component of our information security strategy because the product is an industry standard that allows us to demonstrate a best-practices approach to clients."
    – Manager of Information Technology

  • Katten Muchin Rosenman

    "We're pleased to count ourselves as a successful Intapp Walls client and honored to be selected as a finalist for an ILTA Distinguished Peer Award based on our information risk management efforts. Intapp has definitely distinguished itself in our eyes, particularly with its service team's commitment to addressing our rigorous product implementation and information security requirements."
    – Director of Practice Management

  • Troutman Sanders

    "We looked at an alternative option, but there was no comparison - to address our firm's confidentiality management requirements, we required a mature product with a proven track record, delivered by a company committed to meeting our stringent technology requirements. Intapp Walls fit the bill on all accounts. Wall Builder enables us to centrally manage and instantly update security across our Autonomy iManage document libraries, so our lawyers have access to the information they need to be productive while avoiding the risk of inadvertent exposure to sensitive data."
    – Chief Information Officer

  • King & Wood Mallesons

    "With clients setting out increasingly more demanding information security and governance requirements, our firm continues to invest in technology, policy and process improvements that allow us to respond effectively. Our ability to leverage Intapp Walls and the accompanying expertise and support from Intapp's risk practice team has been instrumental in enabling our firm to effectively address client requirements."
    – Business Innovation Team Manager

  • Hodgson Russ

    "It can be a challenge for firms to strike the right balance between implementing prudent security and enabling efficient information access and sharing. A blanket approach that locks down every folder, for every matter can significantly deter knowledge management and collaboration, which can impact client service. By allowing us to set access controls at the practice level, Intapp Walls gives us the flexibility to strike a better, more nuanced balance between sharing and security. This enables lawyers and staff to maximize productivity and knowledge sharing, while freeing IT resources from having to manually manage complex and changing access controls across multiple matters and repositories."
    – Director of Information Technology

  • Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton

    "We selected Intapp Walls after performing significant due diligence, including evaluating proposals from multiple vendors and conducting reference checks with peer firms. Intapp was the only vendor that was able to demonstrate a market leadership position, a product able to address our specific requirements and client references with confidentiality management software in active production."
    – Director of Technology

  • Dickstein Shapiro

    "Our firm proactively manages risk to protect our reputation, maximize Partner share value, and minimize disruption to client services. In choosing a product to improve the efficiency of our existing confidentiality and screening practices, we looked to peer firms for guidance, and repeatedly received the same recommendation – Intapp Walls.”
    – Chief Information Officer

  • Holland & Knight

    "There are more and more concerns that risk managers are having to address. We have to find ways to be more efficient, because it’s an avalanche of issues that we’re being confronted with, and Intapp provides us the tools to help with that. Intapp offered us the ability to get our feet wet with Intapp Walls. We were able to start working, getting our IT group understanding how the product worked, and acquaint us as a firm with the great things it could do for us."
    – Associate General Counsel

  • Loeb & Loeb

    "The ethical wall product we have is Intapp Walls, and it’s a pretty slick little product. The main thing that we like about it is that it provides a simple front end interface to where the wall can be managed by conflicts and not IT, which is ultimately where it belongs."
    – Senior Database Engineer

  • Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg

    "We implemented Intapp Walls because we recognized the need to address the confidentiality requirements facing Canadian firms and wanted to use the best product available. We recently made the decision to upgrade to Intapp Walls because this latest release cements Intapp's position as the market leader for law firm confidentiality management. Intapp has demonstrated a commitment to providing excellent client service and working collaboratively with our firm to support our ongoing risk management and compliance efforts."
    – Director of Information Technology

  • Shepherd and Wedderburn

    "We've been impressed with how effective Intapp Walls has been in simplifying how we manage and protect client data – increasing information security without involving IT at every step. We look forward to applying the Intapp approach to our matter intake process and other workflows, which will improve visibility, standardise processes, and increase business efficiency."
    Applications Manager