Walls Advantage

Intapp Walls offers unique data management capabilities to intelligently cross-reference, categorize and classify security policies and metadata. To do this effectively and automatically, it integrates and analyzes information from multiple firm business applications.


Unique Benefits

These capabilities deliver features and functionality only available from Intapp. For example, by integrating historical client, matter/engagement and user data relationships, Intapp Walls can automatically construct and populate screening memoranda so administrators don’t have to manually look up and validate vast and distributed stores of information.

Intapp Walls also offers sophisticated security policy clash detection and resolution capabilities. Clashes occur when organizations try to enforce multiple, overlapping security restrictions across the same set of clients and matters/engagements. In real world environment, where multiple security models (like inclusionary and exclusionary rules) must be enforced concurrently, these clashes routinely occur.

Consider the following example:

    • wb lateralA law firm takes on a lateral hire that must be screened from several matters. Administrators set up an exclusionary security rule that prevents this individual from accessing the client’s materials, which are otherwise open and accessible to other firm personnel.
    • wb priceThe firm then takes on a price sensitive matter for the same client and must set up a parallel inclusionary security rule that provides “members only” access to a limited set of named lawyers and staff.
    • wb clashThe firm must enforce two distinct business rules to prevent the lateral from ever being added to the “ring-fenced” team working on that matter. But the security rules themselves conflict and must be resolved.

    One way to address clashes is to force administrators to create and maintain complicated records of who can and cannot access each client matter and enumerate everything. (And some confidentiality software offering "clash" detection, do just this – identify problems without fixing them.) But depending on manual intervention just shifts the burden back to administrators, creating additional overhead, delay and risk.

  • product wallbuilder
    Intapp takes a different, more sophisticated approach. It allows firms to create multiple, overlapping walls with different security models. Importantly, these walls can be configured with complex parameters like multiple users, clients and matters/engagements. Intapp Walls then transparently resolves and enforces all required security controls in parallel.

    This approach allows firms to define multiple walls and wall types, each of which is maintained and tracked separately. At the same time, it also properly enforces security rules. So, if a wall is deactivated (for example, a "members only" matter is opened to general access), all other rules remain in effect (so a screened lawyer is still blocked from accessing the matter).

    The net result is that Intapp Walls offers the most sophisticated, most comprehensive information security controls, without burdening administrators, lawyers, professionals or staff.