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OnePlace for Marketing gives marketing professionals the tools they need to develop effective pitches and campaigns, track the ROI of their efforts, enhance firm reputation, and optimize client retention strategies. And thanks to our zero-entry approach, you’ll enjoy access to your firm’s most current and relevant information with minimal input.

Intapp empowers cross-firm collaboration

Intapp OnePlace for Marketing is purpose-built to help marketing teams collaborate more strategically with partners and lawyers to help them find, pitch, and win new business and clients

Build more effective pitches

When helping partners compete for new business, marketing teams face a multitude of challenges: understanding their firm’s unique capabilities, determining how to stand out in a crowded field, and learning how to use data strategically to convert prospects to clients.

Intapp helps your firm compete more effectively by leveraging who you know and what you know. Thanks to zero-entry technology, Intapp captures and surfaces data to help you derive critical relationship insights. With a deeper understanding of your firm’s experience and expertise, you’ll create standout proposals to differentiate your firm.

Grow existing client relationships

Your current clients provide the best opportunities for new business, but it’s difficult to know where white space exists, what expertise to highlight, and who within your firm is best poised to deliver an effective pitch.

Intapp helps you grow existing client relationships by providing a deep understanding of your top clients’ initiatives and how your firm can best support them. Plus, you’ll be able to use relationship mapping to keep track of ever-changing client and firm connections, and rely on automated alerts that notify you when a relationship appears to be in jeopardy.

Develop results-oriented campaigns

Building campaigns and marketing plans is only half the battle. The other half? Figuring out what worked, and what didn’t. Intapp helps you capture and leverage a rich blend of information about your marketing efforts so you can better inform your planning and priorities.

Plus, you’ll be able to connect the dots between activity and outcomes, track the ROI on your efforts, and demonstrate how your campaigns have contributed to the development of new business or opportunities.

Build your brand and enhance your reputation

A core component to every marketing mandate is getting the word out. After all, your firm’s successes and your lawyers’ pedigrees might as well not exist if no-one knows about them.

That’s why Intapp helps you amplify achievements and raise your firm’s profile, by making it easy to update your lawyers’ bios across all touchpoints and ensure that all directory submissions are perfectly polished. You’ll also be able to manage your firm’s footprint across your full scope of seminars, webinars, and conferences, as well as sponsorship of third-party events.

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Products and packages

Intapp Experience

Drive growth, expand cross-selling opportunities, and use AI to leverage your detailed and up-to-date experience and expertise.

Intapp CRM

Strengthen client relationships, increase revenue, and build your firm’s brand with capabilities that go far beyond traditional CRM.

Intapp Relationships

Uncover smart and actionable insights about your firm’s key connections using a zero-entry capture approach.

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