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    Maximize realization

Maximize realization with Intapp

Record your time quickly, accurately and in compliance with client requirements to drive your firm’s financial performance.

Leakage hurts realization

Professional services firms are struggling with a high volume of write-offs, historically low realization rates, and delayed collections—all of which negatively impact working capital and profits per partner. With those issues in mind, Intapp helps firms minimize leakage, improve cash cycle efficiency, and drive realization and profits.

Reduce unrecorded work

Unrecorded work is catastrophic to collected realization; yet, busy timekeepers, faced with growing workloads and travel, miss and unintentionally underrepresent their time. By combining AI with activity capture to track all work in real time, Intapp ensures all work gets recorded.

Minimize budget overruns and write-downs

As the number of alternative fee-arrangements grow, firms without effective budgeting and monitoring are experiencing increased write-downs as projects overrun their budgets. Intapp tracks actuals against budget, providing early warnings to dramatically reduce the risk of those realization-sapping complications.

Reduce write-offs through client compliance

Firms are experiencing a growing number of client adjustments and write-offs due to non-compliance with client terms. These issues are magnified by the prevalence of eBilling systems that scrutinize firm bills for violations. Intapp helps firms comply with client terms to dramatically reduce bill rejections and write-offs.

Accelerate collections

The speed of your firm’s collections impacts both working-capital requirements and the potential for write offs. Intapp helps speed up collections by improving time hygiene, accelerating time recording and billing, and reducing rejected bills.

Rethink realization

Maximizing realization amid changing timekeeping processes, fee arrangements, compliance challenges and more means eliminating process and data silos. Intapp’s Client Delivery solutions help your firm work faster and smarter to leverage data-driven approaches that drive realization and profitability.

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