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Finnegan partners with Intapp to boost marketing and business development efforts via Intapp Experience

The 2019 Mid-Atlantic Your Honor Award in the category of Business of Law went to Finnegan for its innovative implementation of Intapp Experience, a cloud-based experience management system.

In a highly competitive marketplace, Finnegan’s ability to use and process its data quickly and effectively represents a fundamental strategic differentiator and provides a distinct advantage. As one of the world’s leading IP law firms, Finnegan needs to showcase the knowledge and insight its lawyers bring to every engagement, and put relevant information about professionals, cases, clients, and matters to use. The firm needs to demonstrate custom-tailored knowledge to address clients’ unique requirements and to demonstrate its experience and technical expertise in real time. By capturing a deeper level of insight via Intapp Experience, Finnegan can turn capabilities into outcome and business-based discussions with clients and prospects.