Inaugural Legal Value Network/Blickstein Group Survey Identifies Opportunities for Better Alignment Between Law Firms and Corporate Clients

Areas showing the greatest potential for collaboration include:
Aligning on client objectives and expectations
Leveraging legal technology for better service delivery
Defining success metrics to demonstrate partner value

HOUSTON — February 8, 2021 — The Legal Value Network and Blickstein Group, in collaboration with Intapp, today released a report on key findings of the inaugural Survey of Legal Pricing and Project Management. The survey uniquely compares the perspectives of client-side legal department operations (LDOs) executives directly to responses from law firm pricing and legal project management professionals (LPPMs) on key topics in the legal services sector. No other legal industry survey provides these side-by-side observations. The findings revealed that the LPPM and LDO functions continue to grow and evolve, but highlights significant opportunity for the two groups to work better together.

“The growing influence of, and focus on, the operations functions within law firms and legal departments has created an opportunity for law firms and their clients to better align. Both groups seek tighter alignment on value expectations, service delivery, and cost efficiencies — all of which will require enhanced service models supported by data and technology to continue to drive innovation and improve the connections across the legal value chain,” says Christopher Kraft, General Manager of Operations & Finance Solutions at Intapp. “This survey, together with its insights, is an important tool to help the legal community improve value and efficiency.”

The data reveals that both LPPMs and their clients benefit from innovative service models,  leveraging technology to deliver legal services more efficiently and cost effectively. Both groups agree that alternative fee arrangements are more cost-efficient than hourly billing; however, this model requires more upfront planning and client collaboration, as well as the tools to deliver successfully with more cost-effective solutions.

“The future of the legal industry is closely tied to the success of LPPMs and LDO professionals, with both — 75% of LPPMs and 62% of LDO professionals — understanding that their jobs are primarily change management,” says Keith Maziarek, director of pricing and legal project management at Katten, and an officer and board member at Legal Value Network. “We look forward to tracking how successful this collaboration becomes in the future.”

The survey also surfaced significant areas of misalignment between LPPMs and LDOs.  

“LPPMs and LDOs showed stark differences in some fundamental areas where alignment is critical for productive relationships,” said David Cambria, who co-authored the study as well as the Annual Law Department Operations Survey from which the LDO data originates. “For example, although 94% of LPPMs say their firms make a strong effort to understand the problems their clients face, only 57% of law department operations professionals agree. It’s no surprise that firms and clients often struggle to work together, when even the professionals they hire to work with each other see their relationship so differently,” added Cambria, who has worked within both the LPPM and LDO function.

Exploring potential sources of this misalignment, the study revealed that although a majority of each group (74% of LPPMs and 61% of LDOs) says they effectively use data, the two groups are measuring very different things. Law firms measure revenue and other financial metrics, whereas corporate LDOs focus on service metrics, such as speed and productivity. In line with this divide, the survey also found that 73% of LPPMs say partners provide ample value per dollar, while only 40% of LDOs agree.

Similarly, although 83% of LPPMs say their firms are leveraging technology to deliver legal services more efficiently and cost effectively, only 52% of LDOs agree. However, both LPPMs and LDOs recognize the value of new technology in the marketplace, such as leveraging AI to predict future outcomes and events.

“As law department operations professionals work to professionalize their departments, their counterparts on pricing and legal project management teams within law firms react to those efforts, while themselves building programs to more effectively price and deliver legal services,” says Christopher Ende, chief value officer at Goulston & Storrs, and an officer and board member at Legal Value Network, who has served in both the LPPM and LDO roles. “We hope this survey provides insight into both groups’ perspectives and relationships, and provides a meaningful step toward greater collaboration.”

In addition to Intapp, the inaugural Survey of Legal Pricing and Project Management was underwritten by Thomson Reuters, LexFusion, Intelliteach, Legal Decoder, and Time by Ping. The survey report is available here.

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