Open Features (Terms of Business)

With clients issuing increasingly stringent guidelines, it’s critically important that firms take their compliance responsibilities seriously. But keeping up with every rule and condition across multiple clients and matters/engagements can create significant overhead for lawyers, professionals and staff — which translates to real risk.

It’s not uncommon to hear stories of client requirements documentation ending up in a drawer — metaphorically or even literally… Or of instances where potentially alarm-raising client mandates, like indemnity clauses, go overlooked without proper review and consideration. No firm wants to live with the worry of missing a critical detail and facing a serious surprise when clients come knocking…


Clients Rule – So Deliver a Consistently Exceptional Experience

Ideally, everyone in the firm who interacts with clients — whether it’s lawyers, accountants, consultants, finance, risk or IT teams — should be aware of their specific rules of engagement and how they impact day-to-day service delivery. And everyone should also have a clear understanding of what success means to each client — top of mind and at their fingertips. Intapp Terms makes this possible (and practical).

Available as a standalone product, or integrated with the full Intapp Open business acceptance suite, Intapp Open Terms enables firms to programmatically capture, index, report on and enforce client obligations throughout the matter/engagement lifecycle. These can include:

  • icon regulationsFormal outside counsel guidelines

  • icon positiveInternal requirements and standards firms wish to institute
  • icon thumbs upOverall client expectations and definitions of success

The Future of Client Success – Clear Rules, Full Service, Can't Lose

Intapp Open Terms provides a structured approach for storing, indexing, analyzing and then enforcing client mandates and other firm requirements – with a new AI engine that enables assisted categorization of terms.

A straightforward workflow, which can be integrated directly into the new business acceptance process, allows firms to transform paper or electronic policies and engagement conditions into structured rules, which can then be categorized, reported on and executed by matter/engagement teams.

Using the AI-assisted terms categorization feature, risk managers and analysts can train the system to classify terms in specific ways, while improving the speed and accuracy of the artificial intelligence engine over time.

product open terms steps

Focusing Business Execution – It’s All About Integration

Intapp Open Terms enables matter/engagement teams to deliver a superior client service experience with greater efficiency, so that firms can effectively retain and expand business relationships and improve profitability. It does this by weaving client guidelines (and compliance) into the fabric of business ops and matter/engagement execution, integrating with the tools lawyers, professionals and staff use to perform work and adding reporting for visibility.

open integrated platform

All of this new control and capability is ingrained directly in business intake — which Intapp has modernized to deliver a more complete approach to business acceptance — so there’s no significant additional overhead.

Take on Competition — On New Terms

With the Intapp Open Terms management system, firms gain more than the means to effectively comply with client rules — they gain a powerful competitive weapon. By highlighting their rigorous, programmatic internal compliance capabilities in business development contexts as a differentiator, firms demonstrate a deep commitment to client success. And, in the process, can knock those lacking similar capabilities on their heels…