• The platform for the client empowered era

The Intapp Professional Services Platform has been built from the ground up to support our unified approach to developing business, onboarding engagements, and efficiently delivering client success, all in one intelligent platform.

Outcompete your peers, win more business

Win new clients through more competitive pricing based on historical work. Grow relationships and drive cross-selling by leveraging your firm’s collective experience.

Deliver services efficiently and profitably

Drive costs out of services delivery and reduce overhead via lowered work unit costs, re-engineered delivery processes, smarter work allocation, and process automation.

Stop leakage, maximize realization

Increase realization and accelerate collections through a reduction in write-downs and write-offs, and stronger compliance with client requirements.

Manage risk and compliance

Protect the firm while supporting the business among an evolving regulatory landscape, new technologies, and changing client expectations.

Drive client success

Achieve better firm success by shifting your culture towards a focus on delivering success to clients on their terms throughout the life of the relationship.

One platform, endless innovation

  • Client Lifecycle

    Powered by the platform, we help firms succeed across the entire client lifecycle. That means winning and growing clients, onboarding new business, and delivering client value efficiently and profitability.

  • Products

    The Intapp platform contains interconnected, best-of-breed components that support a full range of firm initiatives, all from a single supplier.

  • Technology foundation

    The Intapp platform is underpinned by a technical foundation based on applied AI, industry-specific databases, and a vast array of pre-built integrations with other systems.

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