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    Transform Your Firm With a Single Cloud Platform

The Intapp Platform provides a set of highly scalable, purpose-built, and secure cloud services and capabilities. All Intapp solutions are built upon this single, modern, cloud-based platform, which provides capabilities for firms to better unlock the value of their data, deliver context-aware intelligence to professionals, and enable greater operational efficiency.

One Platform, Unlimited Potential

Provide Professional-Centric Experiences

Help your professionals quickly respond to business changes by offering them useful, actionable information at the right time with personalized, context-aware curation and recommendations.

Work Smarter with Applied AI

Unleash the power of AI on your data to surface insights, make predictions, and optimize critical processes across a wide range of firm operations, from strategy and business development through risk and compliance.

Connect Your Entire Firm

Bring together siloed data from across your firm, including third-party market intelligence into a single source of truth, while uniting people and processes with firm-wide integrations.

Capabilities That Scale with Your Firm

The Intapp Platform includes core capabilities that help you make data-driven decisions, mine deeper insights, and accelerate time to value.

Provide Professional-Centric Experiences

Customizable User Interface

Our highly configurable user experience allows technical and non-technical users alike to rapidly tailor software to meet their specific needs. Intapp clients can make meaningful changes to their user experience, processes, and business operations without developing custom code. This framework flexibility helps firms maximize their agility and easily adapt software to match the frequent and unique changes within their business.

Personalized Analytics

The Intapp Platform helps leaders, professionals, and dealmakers quickly make informed decisions with ​choices that put ​them in control. The software provides personalized, context-aware insights directly to the right professionals or teams at the right time based on cross-correlated data across the firm.

Industry Blueprints

Intapp leverages its deep domain expertise in professional and financial services to provide clients with prebuilt, industry-specific configuration templates and blueprints designed precisely for how firms and professionals operate. These templates act as useful starting points for firms to implement further customizations and unique configurations.

Mobile Experience

Intapp provides a next-generation, unified mobile experience powered by the capabilities of our underlying platform. Intapp mobile apps put the full power of our platform in the hands professionals and dealmakers, making it easy for them to get work done wherever they are.

Work Smarter with Applied AI

Engagement Similarity Analysis

Engagement similarity analysis — a key facet of Intapp Platform AI technology —automatically sifts, sorts, and categorizes a firm’s previous engagements by shared characteristics. By identifying families of engagements, this analysis focuses on highly relevant data sets to provide predictive intelligence based on historical data regarding time, billing, budgets, conflicts, performance, and other critical business factors.

Zero-Entry Information Capture

The intelligent automation capabilities of the Intapp Platform gather information behind the scenes to minimize the time users spend on manual data entry and other administrative, time-intensive tasks. With capabilities such as passive time capture, our technology can review a professional’s email, meetings, and other individual data to dynamically generate daily timecards, complete with activity, duration, and client engagement references that keep professionals focused on the work at hand.

Assisted Conflicts Review

AI-assisted conflicts clearance capabilities within the Intapp Platform accelerate conflicts clearance using machine learning to reduce the volume of potential conflicts requiring manual review. This is particularly useful in complex scenarios where accelerating conflicts clearance can help firms open matters faster, and with fewer errors.

Connect Your Entire Firm

Unified Data Across Your Firm

The Intapp Platform common data service helps firms integrate and combine data from multiple sources into a single source of truth. The services synchronizes master data with other data across the firm using real-time message brokering, ensuring that changes and updates to client and matter information are kept in sync not only across Intapp applications but also within all of the firm’s key on-premises and cloud systems.

Market Intelligence Data in One Place

The Intapp Platform harmonizes proprietary data and third-party data from various sources — all in one place. This enriches market intelligence and helps you transform data into institutional knowledge and competitive advantage. Professionals can leverage this data to run complex reports, analyze industry trends, and evaluate potential synergies, all in the same place where they originate new business and manage relationships.

Hyper-Relational Data Architecture

The Intapp Platform organizes unified firmwide data into a specialized data model, purpose-built to capture the complex relationships unique to professional and financial services. This flexible model allows linking and layering of seemingly disparate data sets, creating many-to-many data relationships that connect professionals with prospective clients and other relevant parties. Intapp solutions, in turn, leverage these linkages to provide personalized analysis and insights for each professional that reflects their unique area of specialty, including client industry, strategy, geography, engagement type, and other key factors.

No-Code Integration

Intapp Integration Service — a core capability of the Intapp Platform — provides an easy-to-use, enterprise-grade integration framework that connects any application, any data, anywhere across the firm. The service helps firms overcome data silos by enabling frictionless movement of information between systems. Intapp Integration Service comes equipped with extensive built-in workflow and automation capabilities tailored to the unique needs of professional and financial services firms.

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