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    Industry-specific AI software for professional and financial services firms.

AI and workflow automation increasingly touch the day-to-day activities of individuals working in the professional and financial services industry. Firms need a highly focused approach — one that leverages industry-specific data, harnesses deep domain expertise, and aligns with the firm’s specific success metrics — for these technologies to deliver their true value.

Intapp Applied AI powers connected firms

Organizations across the professional and financial services industry rely on Intapp Applied AI to gain a competitive edge‑unifying disparate data sources, surfacing key insights, managing unforeseen risks, and increasing efficiency through higher levels of automation within core processes.


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Win and grow business

Leverage collective strength

Intapp relationship intelligence centralizes and organizes your firm’s relationship network and pinpoints the people within your firm who maintain the strongest relationships with a given client or partner. The technology passively harvests metadata from emails, e-marketing communications, and calendar events to identify who knows whom and establish relationship scores based on the volume, recency, and type of engagement. With these insights, it’s easy to uncover which relationships can be leveraged for new opportunities and growth.

Enhance contact data quality

Intapp AI dramatically improves data quality using various techniques to enhance data that’s missing, incomplete, out-of-date, or otherwise not up your quality standards. To bolster your CRM, our AI capabilities scrape signature blocks from email messages, slice it into its constituent parts — name, title, company, phone number, email address — and link this structured contact information back to an existing CRM entry.

Manage risk and compliance

Clear conflicts faster

AI-assisted conflicts clearance leverages machine learning to organize conflicts search results into contextual groups for more intuitive and efficient review. Firms deploy this technology to reduce the volume of potential conflicts requiring manual review by up to 60%. Intapp Conflicts automates critical risk management activities by filtering out inherent noise, helping analysts identify and focus on concerns that require a lawyer’s attention. The system continuously learns with use, facilitating constant improvement, increased accuracy, and long-term return on investment.

Automatically categorize client guidelines

Intapp Terms leverages Intapp applied AI to help identify, capture, and auto-categorize client guidelines from multiple sources. This solution comes equipped with the ability to prioritize terms considered most important to the success of the firm’s engagements. This solution ensures continuous compliance by monitoring key data points and client guideline documents that change over time.

Maximize profitability and realization

Capture time automatically

In the professional and financial services industry, time is money. Firm leaders are focused on keeping their professionals operating efficiently. With Intapp Time, active capture technology captures employee activities automatically and puts placeholders into their timesheet contemporaneously, recording not only the time and the activity but also the value. This reduces their burden of manual time entry and ensures accuracy, reduces revenue leakage, and accelerates cash and collections.

Leverage Intapp Applied AI

Intapp AI technology helps you meet the increasing demands of the client-empowered era. As a foundational technology of the Intapp Platform, our AI technology lets firms harness the power of their data, apply automated learnings, and streamline processes across all stages of the client lifecycle.

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