• Third-party data integrations

    Power your firm with accurate, actionable data

Intapp native data integrations provide access to the highest quality third-party data directly from within your Intapp applications. With all the information you need in one place, employ relevant data inside your existing workflows, gain multidimensional insights into key clients, and streamline conflicts clearance and client acceptance.

Reveal deal opportunities

Run complex reports, analyze industry trends, and evaluate potential synergies in the same place you originate deals and manage relationships.

  • Enrich and augment your firm’s proprietary data
  • Accelerate critical decisions
  • Identify new, meaningful opportunities

Gain insights into key clients

Discover insights from news, social, and subscription media sources — all from a single dashboard.

  • Strengthen client relationships with real-time monitoring
  • Drive new business with better prospect intelligence
  • Stay abreast of target industry trends as they unfold

Keep your client data current and complete

Ensure your client and prospect data is always clean, up to date, and complete.

  • Ensure continuous data hygiene and a single source of data truth
  • Enrich client profiles in real time with more than 140 firmographic attributes
  • Improve client segmentation, targeting, and analysis

Clear conflicts faster

Consolidate clearance into a single search.

  • Search corporate family trees, beneficial owners, shareholders, and board members from within Intapp Conflicts
  • Check more than 20 premium and government sanctions lists at once
  • Monitor new issues as circumstances change with automated searches and alerts

Learn more about direct access to your preferred third-party data to help clear conflicts: