• Intapp Pricing

    Maximize profitability with smart scoping and visibility

Intapp Pricing helps firms scope, price, resource, budget, and monitor engagements with increased flexibility and accuracy to win more business, improve profitability, and meet client requirements. It features AI-based technology that leverages data science to deliver targeted pricing propositions based on past work and outcomes.

Win more business

Price engagements more competitively to increase your firm’s win rates.

Scope and price with flexibility

Explore the fee structures that best meet client expectations while aligning to budget.

Improve engagement profitability

Track budget to actuals, resource more strategically, and improve profit margins.

Operationalize and scale pricing

Enable teams across the organization to achieve accurate, repeatable pricing processes and strategies.

Intapp Pricing

Intapp Pricing enables firms to maximize profitability with smart scoping, pricing, and visibility across the engagement. Using proprietary AI technology, firms can leverage past data and outcomes to improve accuracy and profitability in all their pricing endeavors.

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Power pricing in the age of AI


Pricing matters and engagements accurately and profitably poses a challenge to many firms. However, developing effective pricing strategies has become more important than ever, as clients demand more transparency and alternative fee arrangements become more popular.

Technology can help law firms develop both tactical and strategic approaches to pricing.

Download this ebook to learn how an AI-enabled approach to pricing can help your firm:

  • Price matters more accurately and profitably
  • Scope and resource matters to ensure better margins
  • Monitor engagements as they proceed and track budget to actuals
  • Improve client relationships with more transparency, accountability, and success

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Products and packages

Intapp Time

Intapp Time captures activities and tracks work in real time against engagement budgets to prevent overruns.

Intapp Terms

Capture and ensure adherence to client requirements throughout the engagement, reducing rejected bills, write-offs, and revenue leakage.


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