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Efficiently taking on new business is critical for the success of all professional services firms. Today, a number of market trends are putting new pressures on firms to transform the way they evaluate and engage new business:

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    Clients have tougher requirements when it comes to pricing, engagement terms and outside counsel of guidelines, as well as the overall quality of service and responsiveness they expect from firms.

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    Firms are looking to increase the sophistication and agility of intake and conflicts processes to better align client selection with overall business strategy, service models and internal policies, and comply with AML/KYC requirements.

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    Risks are proliferating, driven not only by professional standards and client mandates and complex conflicts challenges, but also by evolving regulatory rules that increasingly extend compliance requirements to professional services firms that have access to sensitive information.


Intapp Open: The Evolution of New Business Acceptance

To adapt to this challenging environment, firms must innovate and evolve – transforming the way they evaluate new business and manage client relationships.

Intapp Open is the leading business acceptance solution for law firms and a growing number of accounting, consulting and financial services firms – adopted by more than 200 customers worldwide.

Leading firms today are using Intapp Open to enable faster, more efficient, information-driven client evaluation processes that align new business intake with the firm’s own strategic goals – and position their client engagements for success.

The complete Intapp Open business acceptance solution enables firms to manage new business intake and conflicts, as well as terms of engagement, and proactively identify and address potential financial, risk and compliance issues throughout the client engagement lifecycle.

Intapp Open also fosters collaboration, with simplified searches and role-specific views tailored for risk stakeholders, system administrators, lawyers and practitioners, and firm management. Most importantly, it is designed with a modern, intuitive interface, accessible via desktop and mobile devices.

As with all Intapp products, Intapp Open is designed to integrate with the firm’s other business systems and with third-party data sources, and is straightforward to update and adapt over time in response to changing business needs.