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    Optimizing Time Capture and Realization Rates

    Using AI-Enabled Cloud Software to Power Profitable Delivery of Legal Services

This ebook explores how law firms struggle to make time entry accurate, contemporaneous, and compliant with client billing terms or outside counsel guidelines (OCGs). These challenges result in inefficient processes, quote-to-cash delays, bill rejections, write-offs, and write-downs — and, all too often, erosion of client goodwill.

By going beyond simple timekeeping and leveraging today’s cutting-edge technology — including cloud and AI — you can help your firm transform complete, accurate, and expedient time capture into a key driver of operational excellence.

Download this ebook to learn how capturing timekeeping data can help your firm:

  • Recover lost and unreported time
  • Enforce compliance and reduce bill rejection
  • Drive value with clients and keep lawyers happy
  • Apply intelligent timekeeping to improve realization rates

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