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    Manage Risk Continuously Across the Client Lifecycle

OnePlace Risk & Compliance offers risk and compliance professionals the solutions they need to thoroughly evaluate new business, onboard clients quickly, and monitor relationships throughout the client lifecycle.

Enhanced by today’s most powerful technologies — including AI, machine learning, and predictive analytics — OnePlace Risk & Compliance helps you improve conflicts clearance, mitigate risk, and ensure compliance throughout the client lifecycle. OnePlace Risk & Compliance turns risk and compliance management into a competitive advantage.

OnePlace Risk & Compliance: Business Acceptance

OnePlace Risk & Compliance helps firms seamlessly onboard new business while managing risk. The solution helps you ensure that new work meets regulatory and ethical considerations, accurately capture the true costs of engagements, and meet client requirements while improving profitability.

Accelerate New-Business Acceptance

Clients expect exceptional service from Day One. But many firms still rely on email, disconnected technologies, and even paper-based processes to onboard new business, which creates inefficiencies, limits visibility, and risks errors. You need a solution that supports your professionals to start serving clients as quickly as possible while providing the level of service they deserve.

OnePlace Risk & Compliance enables your firm to onboard clients and accept new engagements faster, reducing the amount of time it takes to accept a new client by 25%, cutting conflicts review by half, and categorizing client terms in one-third the time.

Improve Client Evaluation and Due Diligence

Sure, you can take on the business, but should you? Not every piece of new business is a good fit for your firm. Many firms struggle to enforce a culture where strategic fit is a core part of client evaluation.

OnePlace Risk & Compliance enables you to strategically evaluate clients for professional, financial, and strategic risk. The solution streamlines due diligence and conflicts checks, and provides a risk score. With this comprehensive view, you can structure deals to account for riskiness, align client selection with your firm’s strategy, and accept business with confidence.

Ensure Ongoing Risk and Compliance Management

Client conditions evolve over time. Financial ratings drop, corporate trees change, new terms of business are issued. But firms often only learn about these changes months later, when they run a conflicts search for a new engagement, when a payment is past due, or when a bill is unexpectedly rejected.

OnePlace Risk & Compliance extends risk management and compliance beyond the intake process, allowing you to manage relationships across your firm’s entire client lifecycle. By monitoring customer finances, corporate trees, and billing activity, the software can flag ethical and financial risk indicators and help enforce billing terms in real time.

Expedite Conflicts Clearance

Many engagements — for example, bankruptcies or restructuring — can quickly overwhelm even the most senior staff. Such situations are perhaps the most daunting and complex challenge for conflicts-clearance professionals.

OnePlace Risk & Compliance offers advanced search and AI-enhanced conflicts review capabilities that simplify and accelerate conflicts clearance to help you win more deals while maximizing staff time. Integration of internal and third-party data enables broader client evaluation, giving you greater transparency across the lifecycle of the client relationship, along with more efficient and accurate risk analysis

Ensure Global Independence

Many firms face a web of increasingly complex global regulations. As a result, it can be difficult to balance pursuing new business while ensuring compliance.

OnePlace Risk & Compliance supports compliance and enhances your business agility, enabling your firm to grow profitably in a changing regulatory environment. Our comprehensive solution uses AI, machine learning, and predictive analytics to help you improve conflicts and independence-clearance processes, meet client expectations, and reduce exposure to fines and reputational risk.

Support and Manage Compliance

It’s prudent to be extremely risk aware and compliance oriented in today’s uncertain global business environment. Firms must adhere to evolving regulatory rules, compliance requirements, professional standards, and client commitments.

OnePlace Risk & Compliance simplifies and streamlines critical risk management activities — including conflicts clearance, business selection, and client terms management — to help avoid reputational damage without slowing a deal down or reducing productivity. It also enables firms to extend risk and compliance management throughout the entire client lifecycle.


5 Big Trends Changing
Law Firm Business Acceptance

The business of law is changing, and literally no corner of a large law firm operates exactly like it did several years ago. The process for evaluating and onboarding new clients in law firms is no exception. Five global legal trends are testing the limits of even the best new business acceptance models.

We’ll explore why and how these big trends are causing shifts in law firm approaches, offer insights and practical tips on what firms must do to adapt their business acceptance models, and identify specific areas where technology can help.

Lastly we offer law firms a checklist to assess the gaps in their business acceptance approach in this changing landscape.

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Address ethical, business, and subject-matter conflicts confidently. Reduce the volume of potential conflicts that require manual review by up to 60%. Conflicts provides a centralized, AI-driven approach that helps determine if prospective clients are in your firm’s best interest.


Simplify intake, eliminate manual processes with automated workflows, ensure AML/KYC compliance, enforce policy execution with a rich offering of industry-approved intake questions, and leverage natively embedded third-party data to inform risk assessment.


Save time, mitigate risk, and assure enforcement of your firm’s obligations using a structured, AI-powered approach to terms management. Store, categorize, and analyze client guidelines leveraging powerful workflows to ensure the right people are involved in the approval process.


Centrally control, monitor, and report on the entire confidentiality lifecycle. Walls offers an automated approach that limits access to sensitive matters across applications without impacting user productivity or convenience.

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