Intapp Consulting

Whether your firm is looking to transform its business for greater growth or profitability, plan for strategic technology initiatives, harness the power of new and cutting-edge technology, or analyze existing processes to identify areas of improvement across the client-matter lifecycle, Intapp Consulting experts offer unique experience to help you along your journey.

  • Improve profitability – Analyze client and matter data to understand factors affecting profitability—such as client/matter profile information, staffing requirements, and operational costs—and develop operating models to optimize performance
  • Develop a technology strategy – Examine the existing systems in use at the firm and available in the market to provide strategic guidance for how to effectively apply technology to solve pressing challenges today and in the future
  • Use data as an asset – Create a data management strategy to inform a firm-wide data model, data taxonomy, and data migration plan to improve the firm’s ability draw meaningful conclusions and actionable initiatives to support the business
  • Develop a case for change – Assess business challenges in the broader context of firm operations – taking into account a range of factors including strategy, governance, processes, applications, data, controls, organizational structure and people to identify key areas of improvement and create a compelling case for change