Collaborative Integration Development

For organizations looking to accelerate their integration projects without relying on external consultants, Intapp offers Collaborative Integration Development (CID). This program empowers organizations by assigning a certified Intapp engineer who is an expert in legal applications and business processes to actively work with firms to design and implement desired solutions.

This resource works on-site with firms for several days to design and help implement projects such as client-matter data propagation, new user provisioning and library replication. As part of their efforts, the engineer trains firm IT staff in best practices for designing, developing and extending integration solutions using Intapp Integrate.

  • cid identify
    Together, our teams identify and prioritize projects

  • cid prioritize
    You decide how much time you want to invest and on which projects

  • cid train
    We conduct training to build your skills and understanding

  • cid build
    Our teams build integrations together

  • cid report
    We report on progress and identify next steps


Trainer Selection

Supporting customer success, Intapp staffs all CID projects with a senior engineer meeting the following criteria:

  • Multiple years of legal software development and IT environment
  • Hands-on experience working with a variety of best-of-breed legal applications
  • In-depth, technical Intapp Integrate development and management experience 
  • Significant experience developing common legal integration solutions

Benefits of a Collaborative Model

This hybrid approach delivers a standard training curriculum within a customized project plan based on each firm’s specific priorities and needs. Participating in a CID provides firm technical staff with an understanding of the resources, best practices and productivity tools available to support their future self-sufficiency and success with Intapp Integrate.

Following the on-site program, organizations should expect to come away with:

  • Customized training curriculum based on firm priorities
  • Defined project list of Intapp Integrate solutions
  • Extensive training on integration development and management on the Intapp Integrate platform
  • Experience and skill set to maintain and build complex integrations
  • Portfolio of customized rule templates