R2i Methodology

Intapp R2i is an innovative implementation methodology to help firms achieve business success rapidly, with minimal disruption to firm operations. Based on agile principles, our delivery methodology is an iterative, user-centric approach that focuses on collaboration to deliver key business value in a transparent and predictable manner.

Rather than implement the full scope in a single, extensive project, the project is broken down into smaller sprints that each include design, building and testing. The customer maintains control over the timeline and is empowered to make decisions around frequency and scope of each release.


Rapid Time to Value

  Every R2i implementation begins with an initial release that delivers key core functionality. The initial release is pre-configured according to common practices in place at peer firms, following industry standard processes that have been tested and proven in real-world environments. 



  Not every design detail and configuration specification is known at the start of the project. Intapp allows the project to get started quickly despite the inevitable unknowns. With each release cycle, Intapp works with your system administrators to do collaborative testing to validate that business needs are being met and adjust the scope accordingly for future releases. 


Time & Cost Predictability

    Customers are empowered to maintain strong control over the project timeline and cost. Intapp works collaboratively with you to prioritize features and modifications for each release, so critical elements are delivered within budget and ahead of deadlines. You can also choose the frequency and size of each release to align with internal schedules and priorities.