Time Practices Assessment

The importance of complete and correct time records cannot be understated. Comprehensive accounts of lawyer activity are critical to generating client bills and maximizing firm financial performance. And today, the increasing use of fixed and alternative fee arrangements creates new pricing and project management challenges which can only be tackled effectively with accurate time records for analysis.

Yet firms consistently struggle to collect a full and complete record of matter related work activity, billable and otherwise. In response, many experiment with stricter internal policies, harsher penalties, or creative incentives. But without a precise understanding  of the specific problems preventing desired time tracking practices, these approaches often fall short.

To execute a successful time improvement initiative, prudent firms first develop an understanding of existing behaviors and root causes. They must then evaluate if these characteristics:

  • Are ingrained into the general firm culture, or due to a lack of individual understanding or appetite
  • Are universal across the organization, or limited to select groups of individuals, offices or stakeholder roles
  • Are tied to specific technical issues and user preferences like legacy entry tools or lack of mobility management options for an increasingly mobile workforce

Intapp Time Management Assessment

For firms looking to build the business case to invest in time management, or those seeking to maximize return on existing initiatives, Intapp offers expert assessment services. Rooted in comprehensive data and behavioral analysis, this program explores time recording practices, identifies the most critical issues affecting the firm, and delivers concrete steps for improving time recording.

The Time Recording Practices Assessment leverages a proprietary methodology, refined based on real-world experience and analysis conducted across law firms of a variety of sizes. As part of a typical assessment, the Intapp team:

  • asmt review
    Reviews firm time management policies and expectations

  • asmt exam
    Examines cultural patterns, behaviors and attitudes

  • asmt collect
    Collects data from firm time entry, financial management and business intelligence systems

  • asmt prefs
    Assesses lawyer and staff time recording behaviors, including entry velocity

  • asmt finance
    Traces the impact of these patterns on firm finance operations and financial performance

The net quantitative analysis compares and contrasts firm time keeping practices and metrics with industry best practices. Armed with this collective insight and recommended response measures, firm management can prioritize areas of focus for a comprehensive time recording program, which may include revised firm policies, new compliance incentives, business process revision or the adoption of new technology.