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Today business acceptance must evolve to account for complicated outside counsel guidelines (OCGs), changes in client conditions, and firm strategic-fit considerations.

Why do law firms need to master outside counsel guidelines?
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Managing the growing mass of OCGs is important because noncompliance leads to write-offs.
  • OCGs are a massive data management and compliance challenge. Firms must review, store, and monitor literally hundreds of thousands of client terms.
  • Without an easy way to check the terms governing their matters, lawyers can unknowingly violate OCGs.
  • OCG noncompliance leads to bill rejections and, typically, write-offs.
How does Unified Business Acceptance help firms comply with OCGs?
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Unified Business Acceptance helps firms analyze OCG terms upfront and automate ongoing compliance.
  • Assess OCGs with AI-assisted term classification, categorization, and centralized management.
  • Give lawyers OCG alerts during time entry to prohibit noncompliant entries until corrected.
  • Integrate client terms, timekeeping, accounting and other systems to automate OCG data sharing, alerts, and monitoring.
What new risk factors must firms incorporate into business acceptance?
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Law firms should add or improve client conditions and firm strategic plan assessments.
  • Unknown client credit or solvency issues impact firm collection rates and revenue predictability.
  • Successful firms today have a strategic plan. Teams must assess new business against these plans to avoid interference with longer-term strategies and goals.
  • Client M&A activity can void the initial conflicts clearance.
How can firms benefit from ongoing business acceptance scoring and monitoring?
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Unified Business Acceptance surfaces risks during assessment and monitors them throughout the client lifecycle.
  • Monitor client financial conditions with automated Paydex scores and financial indicator tracking.
  • Configure workflows to initiate WIP alerts and partner-in-charge communications when problems are detected.
  • Incorporate strategic risk factors into firm-wide business acceptance with automated scoring.
  • Get alerts on client corporate tree changes. Configure threshold rules to automatically initiate new conflicts searches and partner notifications.
What are the potential revenue benefits of Intapp Unified Business Acceptance?
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OCG and strategic compliance gates are critical for reducing write-offs and pursuing new markets and revenue.
  • Recoup revenue by eliminating write-offs due to OCG noncompliance. For example, if you are a large firm writing off $500K-1M a year related to OCGs, you can potentially gain back this lost revenue.
  • Confidently execute medium-and long-term strategies, knowing that any new business problems will be flagged. If the scoring profile indicates strategic problems, the firm can weigh the current opportunity against the longer-term revenue goals.

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