• Unified Business Acceptance

    Automate tasks to open
    matters faster and stay compliant

Business acceptance is more cumbersome and complex today. Law firms must make the evaluation process more efficient and improve compliance monitoring.

What bogs down law firm business acceptance today?
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Siloed systems, one-off communications, and growing risk complexity make business acceptance increasingly difficult.
  • Business acceptance teams manually manage conflicts and diligence data pulled from multiple systems. Delays and manual errors persist.
  • Constant one-off communications on status and information requests distract staff from progress on research and analysis.
  • Client intake questions and engagement letters are inconsistent, creating risk management gaps.
  • Firms struggle with OCG noncompliance that results in write-offs and realization rate and revenue hits.
  • Privacy and know-your-client (KYC) regulatory risks are growing for law firms under U.S., U.K., and EU laws.
How does Intapp Unified Business Acceptance streamline business acceptance?
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The solution automates upfront analysis, communications, and risk management for new business.
  • Speed up new business research with configurable integrations that connect with accounting, document management, records management, and other systems.
  • Get accurate, current data on clients from third-party business databases.
  • Improve firm-wide risk management with insightful intake questions and engagement letter templates.
  • Easily initiate a matter, check a status, get a preliminary conflicts report, or approve new business from any mobile device.
  • Automate information barriers and OCG-related timekeeping alerts at matter setup.
How do Intapp Interactive reports speed up the process?
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Consolidated, interactive new business reports make decision-making easier and faster.
  • Eliminate hours of cobbling together data from different systems, with a single, integrated report.
  • Give lawyers back time spent wading through disjointed patchworks of conflicts, intake, and diligence materials with consolidated, easy-to-read reports.
  • Delve easily into additional details with interactive links.
  • Create a clean audit trail in a centralized repository of firm-wide business acceptance assessments.
What is the advantage of ongoing, automated monitoring of new business?
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New business risks don't stop at matter approval. Unified Business Acceptance automates monitoring of OCGs, payment, new conflicts, and regulatory hazards throughout the engagement.
  • Avoid OCG-related write-offs with alerts at entry.
  • Stay ahead of payments and new conflicts issues with alerts on client financial and corporate tree changes.
  • Set triggers for automatic WIP alerts, new conflicts checks, and partner notifications.
  • Ensure regulatory compliance with automatic information-barrier updates as team members change.
  • Configure rules to initiate U.K.-required periodic KYC reviews. Be prepared for potential similar treatment under U.S. rules.
What are the PPEP benefits of Unified Business Acceptance?
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At the end of the day, profits per equity partner (PPEP) is the life force of law firms. Unified Business Acceptance helps you minimize risks and maximize profits.
  • Keep client revenue rolling and minimize write-offs with automatic OCG alerts at time entry.
  • Minimize impacts of client payment problems with automated client Paydex and financial change alerts.
  • Avoid regulatory financial penalties with ongoing information barrier monitoring.
  • Keep clients happy with clean bills that adhere to OCGs.
  • Meet client selection criteria regarding billing acceptance rates. Bill rejection has become a factor considered in RFPs.

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