Legal CRM: Practical tips for aligning with client needs to drive growth (Part 1)

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From the top down, law firm leaders are under increased pressure to deploy strategies to drive growth. To succeed, firms need a deep understanding of clients and the ability to anticipate shifts in demand. Business development and marketing teams are being increasingly tasked with providing the firm with these insights while continuing to respond to RFPs quickly, organize highly targeted events and webinars, and showcase practices to build the firm’s brand.

Watch part 1 of this 4 part webinar series to see how firms can meet the objectives of all key stakeholders by making small but important changes in how the firm uses CRM.

We’ll provide practical answers to questions such as:

  • How can your firm make the best use of people, processes, and data to successfully align the business with client needs?
  • What are some best practices, transforming practice, sector, business development, and marketing teams?
  • What data, metric, and capabilities are needed to effectively support your lawyers and, ultimately, your clients?

Webinar series info:

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