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    Driving ideal client outcomes with our consulting firm management software.

Consulting firms — from the top strategy houses to premier economic and litigation firms — dive head-first into the world-leading organizations’ most challenging tasks, no matter how daunting. Connected consulting firm management software enables these best-in-class firms to deliver their best client work.

Despite the industry’s deeply rooted dedication to driving change management and transformation for their clients, consulting firms face their own business challenges, including increased competition and persistent market disruption. To stand out against the competition, consulting firms need to innovate. That is why Intapp has dedicated its focus to developing consulting firm management software solutions purpose-built for the needs of firms like yours.

We deliver key outcomes for consulting industry professionals

  • Improved client service
  • Streamlined relationship management
  • Greater sharing of institutional knowledge
  • More profitable engagements
  • Faster decision-making
  • Enhanced data and analytical insights

Solutions for consulting firms

Powering the connected consulting firm

Deep domain expertise and 20+ years of experience

Our long history of working with top consulting firms gives us an insider’s understanding of the needs of professionals working in the industry. We speak the same language as our clients and understand your firm’s short- and long-term goals. Our team includes top talent from across the consulting and advisory industries, helping us to implement purpose-built solutions that have real, measurable impact on consultants.

Operational excellence at the heart of our business

We know that, at the end of the day, time is money in the consulting industry. That’s why our entire organization — from customer success to product engineering — focuses on driving operational efficiencies for consulting firms through our technology solutions. We care deeply about the ever-changing trends that affect consulting industry professionals, and as a result, we are quick to help firms navigate turbulent times, shifts in strategy, and corporate growth.

Dedication to implementation, configuration, and user adoption

We know technology is only as good as how it’s used. Our solutions are designed for consultants and firm leaders and are configured specifically for each firm’s unique needs to boost user adoption. We have a demonstrated, 20-year history of helping consulting firms build the right components and capabilities into their technology solutions and we are proud to help firms derive greater value from their infrastructure investments.

See our connected consulting solutions in action

Our team of consulting industry experts is ready to provide you and your firm with an in-depth overview of our purpose-built, cloud-based consulting firm management software.

Whether you’re interested in engagement management, client relationship management, or risk management, Intapp solutions can power your firm’s entire client engagement lifecycle with the next-generation consulting firm management software solutions you need to be successful.

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