Transforming Business Development - Build Your Zombie Team

Intapp’s Darryl Cross recently had the honor of partnering with Chris Fritsch of CLIENTSFirst Consulting and David Freeman of the David Freeman Consulting Group, on a webinar about leveraging technology to support business development techniques for the current times. 

Head of Global Sales Enablement, Darryl Cross, spoke about the importance of being able to rapidly build “Zombie Teams” in order to be more agile and responsive. Watch this short video to learn what a zombie team is, why you need one, and how to build one at your firm.  

Build Your Zombie Team & Protect the Core  

  • Each lawyer should focus on their top 5 colleagues for collaboration  
  • Identify potential team members across practices, offices, and departments  
  • Emphasize agility by creating multiple iterations of small teams from the same bench  
  • Reach out to people, not companies  
  • Increase the depth of contacts and discourage gatekeeping  

Click here to watch the full 50-minute webinar and keep an eye out for new techniques which we’ll be posting on the Intapp blog each Thursday for the next three weeks. 

Video produced by Rob Kates of Kates Media

Written by:

Darryl Cross

Head, Global Sales Enablement

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