Intapp Data Foundation

Intapp Data Foundation

Designed for the way your professionals work

Built on a strong data foundation

The Intapp Data Foundation encompasses our comprehensive approach to AI, integrations, and data management.

Our data foundation includes an industry-tailored data architecture and Applied AI capabilities to enhance professional workflows. Our integration capabilities enable seamless data flows between firm systems, third-party sources, and Intapp products.

Embedded in every product we offer, the Intapp Data Foundation helps firms take advantage of the power of secure AI.

Frequently asked questions about Intapp Data Foundation

We do not sell Intapp Data Foundation. Instead, it’s the foundational layer that underpins our offerings, providing the necessary intelligence, data handling, and connectivity to deliver innovative and effective products to our clients.

Intapp Data Architecture refers to the framework responsible for the effective management and utilization of data within our products. It is a crucial part of Intapp Data Foundation, which is more comprehensive and conceptualizes our data architecture with our AI strategy and integration capabilities.

Our data architecture ensures that the data used by our AI products is accurate, complete, and tailored for the unique needs of the industries we serve.

Yes, Intapp offers robust integration capabilities that allow our products to connect with trusted third-party software and data sources. This enables seamless data exchange and process orchestration, providing a comprehensive and unified view of a firm’s data. 

Intapp Intelligent Cloud

For more than a decade, Intapp has been bringing the power of automation and intelligence to professional and financial services firms — helping clients like you solve their specialized needs and challenges.


Intapp Cloud Infrastructure

Use AI confidently, knowing we keep your data secure through our partnership with Microsoft and our own commitment to security and compliance.

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Intapp Data Architecture

Quality data is at the heart of good AI — and with Intapp, you benefit from our data architecture.

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Intapp Integrations

Intapp products seamlessly connect the data between your firm’s software and data providers.

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Intapp Applied AI

Our Applied AI strategy includes five essential AI capabilities that help you make smarter decisions, faster.

Conversational query
Ask AI for answers — and get near-instant results — using everyday language.
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