Cloud infrastructure

Intapp Cloud Infrastructure

Industry-leading stability and security

Built on Microsoft Azure, tailored for your industry

Intapp Cloud Infrastructure makes it easy for firms to use industry-specific software by putting it on the cloud. Easily access cloud-based solutions, simplify your operations, and keep your data safe.

Recognizing the evolving landscape of client expectations, we focus on a security defense that works in layers. Our approach is customized for professionals, covers all Intapp products, and prioritizes data, security, processes, and availability.

Meet the unique security, data, and operational needs of your firm

Enhance software accessibility

Ensure a high availability architecture with redundancy measures and dedicated experts focused on maintaining uptime.

Reduce operational complexity

Retain ownership of your data with clear agreements on storage, control, and usage.

Boost security protocols

Trust safeguards that enable user-access policies, proactive testing, and controls that prevent unauthorized access.

Migrate at your pace with expert support

Before implementing Intapp Cloud Infrastructure, a migration team will provide guidance and consultation for how the cloud will best serve your firm. We adapt to your team’s needs, whether you’re moving completely to the cloud or moving one app at a time. And you can continue using your current Intapp solutions without interruption — no matter the pace of your migration.

Cloud migration journey with Intapp

Frequently asked questions about Intapp Cloud Infrastructure

Intapp Cloud Infrastructure has industry-leading processes and compliance capabilities. We comply with many international standards such as ISO 27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, ISO 27701, and SOC 1 and 2. We even have CSA STAR certification — the industry’s most powerful program for security assurance in the cloud.

Microsoft Azure’s security measures complement our strict network access protocols for Intapp Cloud Infrastructure. The Azure team conducts rigorous penetration testing against known and conceivable threats in addition to the testing we run. Azure also invests heavily in physical security. Azure’s data centers possess multiple security layers, including multifactor authentication, identification checks, continual escorting, preclearance for site visits, video surveillance, and intrusion-detection systems.

Our cloud is hosted in multiple locations worldwide. Users can select their service delivery region of preference. This flexibility lets firms locate their applications within the region that matches their business requirements. For instance, European firms that are reluctant to host applications in North America can choose to leverage clusters in the E.U. to avoid regulatory uncertainty. The map below shows where our data centers are held globally.

Intapp Intelligent Cloud

For more than a decade, Intapp has been bringing the power of automation and intelligence to professional and financial services firms — helping clients like you solve their specialized needs and challenges.


Intapp Data Architecture

Quality data is at the heart of good AI — and with Intapp, you benefit from our data architecture.

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Intapp Integrations

Intapp products seamlessly connect the data between your firm’s software and data providers.

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Intapp Applied AI

Our Applied AI strategy includes five essential AI capabilities that help you make smarter decisions, faster.

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Ask AI for answers — and get near-instant results — using everyday language.
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