Cloud security

Cloud security

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Intapp’s cloud security protects clients’ cloud-hosted data, software, and infrastructure from threats and vulnerabilities. It encompasses measures such as encryption, access controls, network security measures, and compliance with industry standards and regulations.

At Intapp, we hold cloud security as a core tenet, recognizing our crucial responsibility in preserving data privacy, ensuring business continuity, and mitigating risks for the firms we serve. Our commitment to cloud security underscores our dedication to providing a secure and trusted cloud infrastructure for our clients to securely and confidently leverage the benefits of cloud computing.

Our cloud security prioritizes data protection, system resilience, and rigorous protocols

Client data stewardship
Proper management and protection of client data are fundamental to our security practices. This data stewardship is part of how we earn trust with your firm and protect the confidential data you’re entrusted with.

High-availability architecture
To meet the specific service availability needs of our clients, we created a high-availability architecture for Intapp Cloud Infrastructure. We address a variety of reasons for downtime and accelerate system recovery should any downtime occur.

Industry-leading processes
To ensure accordance with industry-leading practices, Intapp Cloud Infrastructure complies with multiple internationally recognized standards. Our security programs span the entire product stack, including software development and cloud operations.

Frequently asked questions about our cloud security

Intapp’s cloud products are delivered as a software as a service (SaaS). Clients are responsible for all customer data they upload and process in the products. Intapp employees do not access customer data unless they are directed to do so by the client. Please view our customer data retention policy for more details.

All cloud products use disk encryption (AES-256) at rest. All data in transit for external communications is HTTPS traffic-encrypted using TLS 1.2 or better. Traffic inside our VPC is encrypted based on the service-specific protocols. Keys are stored in FIPS-140-2 compliance key stores with Azure. Intapp maintains internal cryptographic use polices.

Penetration testing is completed at least annually by a CREST-approved third party. Executive summaries of penetration tests will be released upon signed NDA from the client. Intapp uses third-party network vulnerability scanning and application penetration testing providers. Network scanning happens at least monthly.

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